God Is At Work

How often do we look for the 30,000 when God is giving us the 300? How many times have we sought the promotion and God gave us influence? How quickly do we assume a mountain and when God is saying mustard seed? Culture creates natural ways of thinking about success, prosperity and abundance, but God sees it so differently than we do. God sees victory with 300 men and Gideon, while Saul had 30,000, but who saw the victory?

Isaiah 55:9 reminds us “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,

So are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts, says the Lord.”

When you are staying at home with the kids, know God is winning victories for those kids are getting your values instilled in them not the world’s. When you are working in that office, know that you are releasing into the atmosphere the spirit of Christ that is in you. When you are preaching to that congregation of few, know that you are seeding those who will seed others. When you are in medical profession and morale is low, know that you are not without hope, but you carry the God of hope. Or when you are a student in a classroom, know that God uses everything and wastes nothing.

We don’t always understand why we are where we are, but God is working all things out together for your good, for God is good. You shine and He will release the sound; you give and God will release the love; you watch and God will do the greater works. My friends, no situation is permanent, remember how far God has brought you and remember He is not done with you yet, or as my husband says, Be Patient God Is At Work!

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