Seeing the New Era

In prayer this morning, the Lord and I were discussing the new era we have entered and as we were talking, I was writing down some of the things I see coming with this new era. You may add to this list with what you see coming, but this is what I see to get us started.

  1. I see a fresh revelation of Jesus Christ coming.
  2. I see the manifestation of the power of God coming.
  3. I see the dismantling and destroying of the doctrines of men coming.
  4. I see the stripping down of the church to its foundation, for the rebuilding of the church with the apostles and prophets.
  5. I see preaching of the gospel of the kingdom.
  6. I see Biblical literacy being restored to believers.
  7. I see the Zadok priesthood (Ezekiel 44) in the pulpits of churches all over the world.
  8. I see an awakening that births a reformation that transforms the nations.
  9. I see worship being about God again.
  10. I see health and wealth being commonplace among believers as a sign to unbelievers.
  11. I see families functioning by design.
  12. I see churches operating like the 12 tribes of Israel, distinctly unique but undeniably united.
  13. I see the voice of God being crystal clear to hear and easy to obey.
  14. I see a time of great peace and prosperity among the people.
  15. I see the people of God planted in the house of God.

This is what I see, so this is what I have to say today. I would love to hear what you see, so I can listen to what you say.

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