It’s Coming Quicker Than We Realize

We have been having prayer on our property at church all month long, Monday through Saturday. Everyday, I can sense the water table rising in the spirit. This morning, we sang “We will make room for you, do whatever you want to, do whatever you want to.” As we sand that song, the Lord spoke to me and said “BREAK OFF THE LAND LOCKS!” Tears filled my eyes and the presence of God hovered over the greenhouse we were praying in and I decreed all land locks to be broken now in Jesus name. I thought it was the land lock on the land, but the Lord said, to me, “The locks are on the land of my people’s lives.” He showed me that people are land locked and He wants them free to make room for Him, so He can do whatever He wants to do. Now I am not only praying for land locks to be broken off the physical land but off of the lives of everyone that walks onto this land and off of you and off of me!

After prayer we came back to the house as I homeschool two teenagers, once that was complete, I sat down in my office to listen to Dutch Sheets Give Him 15 and the Lord said, “It’s coming faster than people know, so they must not be land locked, but they must make room for me. I am coming in a move like you have never experienced before. It’s coming, It’s coming!” My friends, please take a few minutes and listen to this video by Dutch Sheets, it will be well worth your time and know that God is breaking off the land locks on your life so you can make room for Him, for He is coming with a mighty move of His spirit that is going to change everything. It is going to eclipse anything we have ever read about. It’s coming, it’s coming, faster than we realize!

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