Time Capsule Promises

The clock, the calendar, the seasons, do not detour the promises of God on your life. Time is your ally not your enemy. Knowing this truth is imperative as you wait fo the promises of God over your life to come to pass. Never forgetting the truth that time is your ally and not your enemy is the weapon you need to ward off the enemy for the devil loves to speak about your age, how long you have been waiting, or he even uses seasons and holidays to make your heart sick. He uses these things to get you to stop waiting, stop believing, stop trusting in what God promised you. The enemy does this, for he knows your faith in what God said tortures him. The waiting is actually doing more damage to the kingdom of darkness than any of us realize, for our waiting is communicating God is trustworthy, God is a promise keeper, God is faithful, God is good!

Now that we know what is happening to the enemy while we wait, what is happening to our promise. Our promise is in a time capsule that has been stamped with a date that is invisible to us, but visible to God. If you have ever seen a time capsule, they are stamped with a date that the capsule cannot be opened until that date. The contents inside the capsule are unknown until the date stamped on it arrives. I have been sensing for a few days now, that the Lord has date stamped our promises in a time capsule. They are there, but cannot be opened, actualized, until the stamped date.

Think of the many men and women of God in scripture who were given a promise, were attacked by the enemy with time, and who saw the fulfillment of the the promise. Abraham/Sarah; Hannah; Gideon; Israel; Peter; Paul; and yes even Jesus. Hebrews 11 has names I have not listed and even says, some died not seeing their promise fulfilled, for they were to have it fulfilled with us. What? Yes, the invisible date only God knows, but when He opens it, we will rejoice greatly in the promise God fulfilled. Even when we don’t see it, He’s working, He never stops working. Time is your ally not your enemy.

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