Back To Eden

What we see we believe we understand and therefore we speak. What we believe we are walking into is determined by where we are looking. If we are looking at the events unfolding on the earth as portrayed by the news, we will see an uncertain apocalyptic scenario and we will speak a doom and gloom message of impeding destruction. If we see a higher planes perspective which we are invited into by Revelation 4 which calls us to come up here and what John saw was a throne with one sitting on it, then we will speak from that vantage point and we will share a hope filled not fear filled coming reality. Both narratives are alive on the earth, and which one you see you will speak, you will resonate with and perpetuate.

Psalm 49:1-2 says, “Hear this, all peoples; Give ear, all inhabitants of the world, Both low and high, Rich and poor together. My mouth will speak wisdom, And the meditation of my heart will be understanding.” The Psalmist is inviting us to listen to the narrative he has gained by understanding and meditation. Some people echo what they hear only, others search out subjects in order to meditate and gain understanding so when they speak, it imparts life, hope and a bright future for all who hear. One narrative shrivels up your spirit and causes you to hide, hoard and hunker down, while the other narrative invites you to arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is rising upon you. Both are being spoken in the airwaves today.

Where you look, who you listen to and how you process information is critical for what you are hearing is evidenced by what you are saying. People are scared, disappointed, tired, and have been depressed by all the apocalyptic narratives swirling around the nations and the news. But instead of turning off the news, they continue to consume it, then come to church and hear it confirmed so they go back and listen some more thinking information will protect them from what they believe is coming. But I am here to tell you the gospel is not bad news, it is good news. How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, the gospel. It is time for a foot washing in the spirit, for we are called to bring good news and just like Jesus said to Peter in John 13, you don’t need a bath you are already clean but you do need your feet washed for you are listening to and speaking too much bad news and the gospel is good news. Rejoice don’t retreat.

As Johnny Enlow said on Friday during his Elijah Streams broadcast, “We are going back to Eden we are not headed toward Armageddon!”

Sound is Manifesting as Sight

One of the privileges I have had this year is to homeschool my son. I call it a privilege because I am learning right alongside him. This week we talked about the westward expansion of the 13 colonies of the United States, which led to the USA being a land from sea to shining sea. Reading how Lewis and Clark would send back reports to President Jackson about what they saw as they journeyed west was written for the President to hear and even though he had not seen what they saw, he heard it and believed. Out of his belief he acted according and history calls it the manifest destiny of a nation.

Learning that this week, then praying with Psalm 48 this morning, the Lord wanted to remind us again, there is a manifest destiny for every nation and for every life. Psalm 48:8 says, “As we have heard, so have we seen In the city of the LORD of hosts, in the city of our God; God will establish her forever. Selah.” We have heard the reports as documented through the history of the various men and women in scripture of what they saw; we have even heard with our own ears the voice of God; we are reminded of Job and his words “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, But now my eye sees You” (Job 42:5). The great awakening is going to open our eyes to what we have heard. Hearing is only one part of the equation, God is manifesting destiny in the realm of us seeing what we have heard. He sees the imbalance of how much we have heard in light of how much we have yet to see and He is balancing the scales of seeing and hearing.

My friends, the great awakening is on many levels and for us that have heard so many prophetic words, heard the voice fo God, have promises we know God spoke to us, I am telling you we are seeing already, but we are going to see even more in the days ahead. All those puzzle pieces lingering in the realm of hearing are about to be matched with seeing. Once you see what you have heard the memory will be established in you on a cellular level so you never forget He is God! The great awakening is for us all and we are going see what we have only heard about.

He Thinks Highly of You

The greatest challenge we as believers face is knowing and believing what God says about us and knowing what God thinks about us. When we are not sure the thoughts of another towards us we tend to guard our hearts in their presence. If you question someone’s love for you the chance of you opening wide your heart to them is minimal. The enemy works overtime to tell us things about God and God’s thoughts about us that are flat out lies. The challenge is we hear the voice of the enemy and his barrage of lies, so when God speaks it doesn’t penetrate the way it could if we were not guarding our heart with God.

Two weeks ago I was challenged to read the Song of Songs everyday for the month of December from the Passion Translation. This daily reading has yielded an understanding that God is passionate about His love for us, but we are guarded. The more I read this book, the more I see where I am and where the church is. We love ministry, destiny and identity as well as we really do love God, but we are guarded as a church because we don’t know how much He is passionately in love with us. We know it by knowledge, saying Jesus loves me or for God so loved the world He died for me, but to let our guard down and throw ourselves into His heart is not something we do easily. If we follow the Shunamite we see the church, we see ourselves. She says in 1:3-5 “I know I am so unworthy-so in need. I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents of the wandering nomads.” We know us, but like her we don’t know what He is thinking about us. Listen to what the Lord is thinking about us knowing what we are feeling. “Yet you are so lovely like the fine tapestry hanging in the Holy place” (SofS 1:5).

This is the start, the journey continues but I wanted you to know even as this season is hard, you feel unworthy and dark and dry, know the Lord is massaging your heart with His words of life to draw you near to Him, put your guard down and know He knows where we are going. Love is going to win your heart again, so when you worship , when you pray, when you work, you will hear a voice saying I love you more than you know right now!

The Dominant Voice

The more authority you are given the more careful you must be with what you say, how you say it and to whom you say it. The reason being is because when you are given authority your words have weight and they can either build someone up and make them strong or crush them under the weight of what you said. Many words fly around social media, television and in the air every day, but not all words carry the same weight. Honestly, most words are weightless, so they just go out and fall down without much impact. But if you are a mom, dad, coach, teacher, pastor, principal, manager, or influencer of some kind, your words mean something to those who are under your authority. Knowing the measure of our authority is important, because it should dictate what we say.

Proverbs 16:10 says, “A king speaks the revelation of truth, so he must be extraordinarily careful in the decrees that he makes.” One way to know the level of authority someone carries, is by the amount of words they speak. I know you have heard page long, sermon long prophecies and people have said, “Thus says the Lord.” However, the truth is, God does not need to say much to make a huge impact because of the measure of His authority. One word from the mouth of God can change everything. The reason people use so many words in their prophecies is because they are speaking from their limited authority, not just God’s ultimate authority. If we only said what God actually said, when we say, thus says the Lord, it would be very few words. Everything else people call prophecy is commentary. Jesus is the King of kings, one word from His mouth and all fall down!

As the body of Christ, moving forward, we need to discern what people are calling prophecy and we need to not add to what God is actually saying, but only speak what He says, which will mean learning again how to decipher His voice from your own. Remember “Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Do not add to His words Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar” (Proverbs 30:5-6). The more authority you have the less words you will speak, and when speaking for God, one word changes nations. The voice of God will be the dominant voice in the nations.


We are moving from being amazed by sorcery and all things related to Baal worship to the message of the kingdom and the signs that follow! Church, we have an invitation from God to repent of our sorcery and step into healing the land with signs and the gospel of the kingdom. We can’t have both. We have to repent of the one in order to see the healing of the land through the other. Come on church, 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If MY people, who are called by MY name…” we are the key to the change from sorcery to signs that follow. Church the awakening is waiting for us to repent, to stop waivering between two opinions. We must choose, the fire has fallen, the good news has been preached, we have no reason not to believe. Repent of trusting in something, anything other than God. Repent of trusting what the television news says and not what the good news of the Bible says. Repent of looking to the stock market for security, rather than to the storehouses of heaven. Repent means to change the way you think, transfer what you trust back to God! This is what will heal our land and bring about the change from sorcery to signs that follow.

Phillip saw the this repentance happen in Samaria, “Philip went down to a city in Samaria and proclaimed the Messiah there. When the crowds heard Philip and saw the signs he performed, they all paid close attention to what he said. For with shrieks, impure spirits came out of many, and many who were paralyzed or lame were healed. So there was great joy in that city. Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery” (Acts 8:5-11). We are living in biblical days, so we must do biblical stuff and repentance is very biblical. Repentance was our salvation and continues to be our salvation from sorcery to signs that follow.

We Are Not Afraid of the Dark

We are not to be ones who are afraid of the dark. We are the ones who are called the light of the world, the city set on a hill (Matthew 5:14). We are not to be afraid of the dark, no matter how dark it is. Our forefather David declared, “Even the darkness is not dark to You, And the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You” (Psalm 139:12). If we know God, who is LIGHT, we should not be afraid of the dark, the dark should be afraid of us. John said, “The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” (John 1:5). The darkness does not understand you because you are light, it does not understand Jesus because He is the Light of the World. We have no reason to be afraid fo the dark.

In prayer this morning, the Holy Spirit spoke through me so I could hear myself as I said, “I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK!” As these words crossed my lips, tears began to fall from my eyes. This has been a dark season. Not sin kind of dark, but not knowing the timing of when a promise is going to manifest, not sure who something is going to happen kind of dark. As I declared, I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK! The Holy Spirit burst in my spirit with verses that confirm we are not to be afraid of the dark. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the reason it is dark, is not because we are clueless to what God is doing, but because when we are hidden under the shadow of His wing, it is dark under there. It is dark in the shelter of the Most High, no scary dark, but protected dark.

One declaration that came from me but was not of me, changed my perspective immediately on why it seems to be dark. When you know God, you can say “I AM NOT AFRAID OF THE DARK!” The power of that statement cannot be denied, for we know “It is to the glory of God to conceal a matter…” (Proverbs 25:2), that means it may be dark for us, but the glory of God is shining brightly in ways we cannot see right at this moment. My friends, we are called the light of the world, we are not those who are afraid of the dark in the world and we are not afraid of the dark which is God’s protection, because we know our God and He is LIGHT!

God Is Putting the Belt on the Nations

The nations are getting dressed in the armor of God. Watch for it, as the first call of the nations is to stand firm. As you watch nations take a stand you know you are seeing the dressing of the nations in the armor of God. It is has already begun, nations are standing up against the invisible enemy. Ephesians 6 says, our battle is against an invisible enemy, not flesh and blood you can see, but rulers, powers, principalities you cannot see but you know are ruling. The nations have taken the first step to putting on the armor of God, they are standing firm!

We may not have noticed the sequence with which the armor is placed on us as the nations, but it is the order God is using. Listen to what Paul says, “Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared. In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil. Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God” (Ephesians 6:14-17). First stand firm, that is what the nations are doing. Second, put on the belt of truth. This is what we are seeing begin to happen, for truth is what keeps the nations standing. But truth is about to explode on the scene.

Truth, which is the next piece of armor the nations are receiving is going to set captives free, unlock the programming, take out the giant of religion, and it is going to bring a revelation of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God we have not heard. Truth is the belt we will wear and it is what God is giving us next to be dressed in. Pray for yourself that you will be a lover of truth because much of what you think you know as truth is about to be challenged and religion will try and rise up and resist the truth, but the revelation of Jesus Christ is going to tear down every stronghold of religion! Truth is the next piece of armor we are about to receive.

We Will Do Miracles

For two weeks now, when I wake up in the middle of the night I am hearing two things over and over again. One I am hearing the song, Man of Your Word by Maverick City Worship, specifically the line, “If You said it we believe it!” It will be playing in my spirit upon awakening, just that line from the song. The second thing I hear over and over again is the verses in Mark 16:17-18 “These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Literally for the past two weeks this combination has been in my spirit upon awakening no matter the time or the day.

I have sat on this, then it happened again last night, the song was in my spirit at 1am when I arose to use the bathroom and the verse was in my spirit when I arose at 5:30am to wake up. Because of the continual speaking of this combination I believe the Lord wants us to know that He is the God of signs, wonders and miracles and because He said it, we believe it and it is going to manifest. We have read stories of past revivals where Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, William Branham would have powerful meetings with these miracles taking place. Some of us have been in the room with Randy Clark, Bill Johnson or Steve Gray when miracles began to manifest, but I sense God is about to have the many perform miracles not just the man or woman on stage. I see the multitudes getting healed as you and I lay hands on the sick and they recover.

He said, we believe it and therefore, these signs are going to accompany us. God is about to miracles through your hands; your words; and your love for His people. It will be His power, but it is coming out of you to others. He said it, we believe it and now we are about to see it. Not just the few will do this, the many will do it. I see miracles becoming common among us for the gospel of the kingdom is coming with power and God is going to get all the glory!

We Are The Waiters

Psalm 40:1 says, “I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me and heard my cry.” We wait for God, God does not wait for us. We are human, He is God, we are the ones who are to wait for God, He is not waiting for us. I have heard people say, God waits for us to respond, to obey, to do whatever He has said, but that is not true biblically. The Bible is very clear that we are to wait for God, that God has set times, set places, set situations and He will come when He wants for He is God. We are the ones who are called to wait.

In Genesis 6-7 Noah built an ark, called the animals and his family, then when God shut the door to the ark, that was it, God was not waiting for people to decide they wanted to get in the ark and be saved. When God decided it was time for the door to shut, it was shut and it was not going to be reopened. In Matthew 25 Jesus shared a parable of 10 virgins, in the parable when the bridegroom arrived those who were waiting for him went in with him and those who were not there waiting did not come in for Jesus said the door was shut.

The word of God from the Old Testament to the New Testament makes it clear we are called to wait on God, God is not waiting on us. If we chose not to obey, not to move, not to change, that is our choice, but God is not going to change His time for what He has planned to wait for us. Our job is to wait for Him, we are the humans, He is God, He does not wait for us. If we can make this shift in our thinking that it is an honor to wait for God, we will treat Him as God, not as one created in our own image. He is God, He gets to do whatever He wants and when you wait on HIm there is a great reward. Just ask Noah or the 5 virgins!

Here Comes the Truth

The transformation the nations are in is so all-consuming it is going to take us years to fully understand it let alone embrace it. The magnitude is mind-blowing to the controlling and exhilarating to those who have been walking by the spirit. It is currently happening underground and those who have been willing to enter the secret place; dig deep wells; and have remained hidden; have seen and heard things that most have not. It is like going to the zoo and looking through the glass under the water where the polar bear swims or the penguins zip through the water.

Those currently in positions to communicate the narative in every sector of society are either clueless to what is going on or unwilling to share what is going on, but either way they are about to be thrust from their narrative shaping location for they are not speaking the truth. Truth is going to be heard from every narrative shaping location around the world. This will include pulpits, platforms, podiums, studios, theatres, all written, spoken and visual narratives are going to communicate truth and those who are truth speakers will occupy these positions.

What I see is a massive whale jumping out of the water, without notice and it is going to shock many for they didn’t see this whale of truth coming, others are going to say that’s a “fish tale”, but eye witnesses will speak with such vivid detail and revelation, it will be undeniable. We are moving from minimal information to the unleashing of revelation truth. The current narrators will undergo sweeping change because the message will go forth and the people will be set free. When Jesus came on the scene, His first message was “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand!” My friends, we are in a kingdom of God at hand moment again and it is going to be all-consuming; liberating; and undeniably God! Can you see it, can you hear it? I can!