Needed Correction

During worship yesterday at church the call for healing went forth and the Lord spoke to me and said, “Words have become familiar to my people so they do not say or hear them as though they have power.” An exhortation about healing was given, communion was taken, the song I Speak Jesus by Here Be Lions was sung, but the words of God were piercing my soul. As we sung I Speak Jesus, the Lord said, “The name of Jesus has power!” I listened, knowing this was not a dialogue but a correction and the Lord said again, “Every word I speak has power and My name has power!” It was a strong correction that He wanted deep in my soul. I thought about it all night and woke up praying about it this morning.

We are inundated with words, so much so, we read words and we like, share or even subscribe, but we do not let the words we read, the words we hear penetrate, transform, affect us in a deep way. We just scroll on to the next prophetic word, the next funny meme, the next testimony. We have become so familiar with words, they no longer carry power in our lives to transform us. The same is true with words we speak. We know the right thing to say, so we say it, but it carries no weight, no authority, no anointing. People may call us wise or witty, funny or fierce, but words have become so commonplace they no longer impact us the way they used to. Remember the first time you said the name of Jesus, it carried a reverence and sense of awe with it, it had power, now it is just a tag line on the end of a prayer.

The Lord is calling us back to the weightiness of words. Especially to God’s words and God’s names. They are to be sacred to us, holy, set apart, valuable. With all of this on my heart, I opened to Psalm 97 to pray and the first line stopped me and I let the weight of these words penetrate me and I pray you do the same, “The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad!” The Lord reigns and because He does I am glad. There is so much weight in those words, they consume my thoughts and direct my prayers, I want the Lord to reign over me, I pray you feel the same way. Let His words regain weight in your life, for this correction is going to change everything.

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