300 Shofars Bring the Rain

No agenda just a love for the Lord my God and His word. When we approach the word of God to hear the voice of God we then can speak the words of God. This morning the Lord reveled to me that we as the nations have been under the oppression of a Midianite spirit. This spirit has released emotional, physical and spiritual oppression upon the nations, but God has plans for the spirit of the Midianites.

The spirit of the Midianites is a spirit of robbery and thievery. It robs you of joy, steals your faith, takes your harvest, plunders your peace and so many other things. The oppression of this spirit is all encompassing and very difficult to get out from under. People can’t explain it in words, they just know they are under the weight of oppression and it manifests in a variety of ways. This my friends is the spirit of the Midianites and God is dealing with this spirit of oppression that has been sitting on the nations.

If you want to do a Bible study on this spirit, it begins in Judges 6, then is traced to Joel 1. Once you reach Joel 2 the answer to this spirit is revealed, the sound of the shofar in Joel 2 points us back to Judges 7 where we have the sound of 300 shofars and this sound breaks the power of the spirit of Midian and sets the people free. The freedom manifests in rain which is a sign of God’s presence over the nations and this leads us to Zechariah 10:1.

Now, this is what I hear the Lord saying, “It’s about to rain! The spring rains will come early and they will be a sign of the spirit of Midian being broken off of the nations. Get ready for a downpour of God’s reign in the nations.” We don’t like the idea of someone ruling over us only because we have never been under the reign of King Jesus, but we are about to be under His reign in the nations and we are going to love His leadership style. It will be evident in so many ways, get ready, get ready, the enemy has been defeated and the sound of the shofar is bring the early rain of this reality.

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