I Can Hear the Sound

Sound sound and more sound. It’s in the form of prayers, songs, prophecies, decrees, books, cries, groans and even growls. Sounds coming out of God’s people crying out for His help from heaven. 24 hour prayer rooms, worship houses, churches, bible studies, social media blogs, words, sounds, they are all pushing against the dam of resistance that is holding back the sights we long to see.

In prayer this morning, I saw a pushing, pulsating of sounds coming against a dam of resistance. The sounds were like waters rising, pushing against this dam and the dam wall was swaying with the sound. As the sound increased the dam bulged but was refusing to break. So the sound retracted, the people caught their breath, thought they could not push again, then came another push of sound against the dam. I watched it bulge again, but still would not break.

The prayers, the songs, the shouts, the cries, the wails, the frustration, the Lord has heard it, He see’s it and He is watching the dam of resistance. The prophecies, the decrees, the demands, all adding to the crescendo of sound pushing again. The dam is bulging but not breaking I told the Lord. He knows, He sees, and He is adding His sound to our sound and I promise you this the moment He says, “NOW!” the dam will break, the resistance will fail and the sights of breakthrough will join the sounds of breakthrough and it is going to be beyond anything we could ask or imagine.

It’s easy to feel like you are the only one not getting breakthrough, you are the only one waiting, the only one battling, the only one literally crying, but you’re not, there is an army of intercessors, prophets, moms, dads, pastors, leaders, evangelists, worship leaders, apostles, who are crying out adding their sound as well. We will see what we have heard, for the dam of resistance is about to break wide open.

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