On Monday June 20, 2022 I typed these words in my notes on my iPad and sent it to two people via email to hear their thoughts. Today, one of those people encouraged me to share it publically. Here is what I was hearing the Lord say about the number 300 and the USA.

300 men in Gideon’s army (Judges 7)

300 trumpets is what they blew (Judges 7)

300 years Balak lived with Israel (Judges 11)

300 foxes Samson tied together (Judges 15)

The book of Judges is replete with the number 300. I have been familiar with the 300 men of Gideon’s army, not clear on why that number in it’s depth, but the other 300’s I probably would not have been able to tell you about if I had not been reading the book of Judges the past couple of days. 300, a Hebrew number that is identified with the letter sheen which is the one letter name for Yahweh. That alone makes the number powerful. But there is so much more. 300 means a divinely appointed period of time; it is the number for election; the children of promise; supernatural victory over the enemy or victory that defies the enemy. 300 is a powerful, supernatural number that means God is victorious.

The first time 300 is mentioned is in reference to Enoch’s age in Genesis 5:22; next we see it in Genesis 6:15 in relation to the size of the ark Noah was building; the third mention in Genesis is found in 45:22 and is tied to the amount of silver Joseph gave to Benjamin; Judges 15:4 talks of the 300 foxes with Samson and of course in 1 Chronicles 11:11 David slays 300 men at one time. Supernatural victory over the enemy is a great description of the number 300 based on these scriptural references.

I have been seeing the number 300 in scripture and the Holy Spirit is nudging me about it, so I was counting 300 days from Rosh Hashanah 2021 and it took me to Tamuz 4-6, 5782 or July 3-5, 2022. Then I went to the Torah reading for the 300th day of the year 5782 and it is Numbers 19 which speaks of the red heifer that is slain outside the camp and the blood is sprinkled on the tent of meeting 7 times, which is a direct reference to Jesus being crucified outside the camp. Therefore, the cross was a supernatural victory and is the exact tie to the 300.

With all these puzzle pieces laying on the table of my spirit, I start to see what God is saying, there is going to be a supernatural victory over the enemy coming this July 4th time frame. As American celebrates her Independence Day, which was a true supernatural victory over the initial enemy in 1776, I believe we are going to see another supernatural victory over the current enemy over this nation. I realize there are many, so which one I am not sure, but last year the Lord spoke to me so clearly that I needed to complete a prophetic adventure down in Edgerton, GA, where the Georgia Guidestones are located, before July 4th. The urgency was palatable.

We drove with a team of 4 ladies to Edgerton, GA to the Georgia Guidestones, which have the 10 guiding principles of the New World Order etched on 12,000 ton marble slabs and are sitting on the highest point in this unknown city in Georgia. With it inscribed on many sides in 12 different languages, the message is clear, depopulation of the world. We were sent there to declare that agenda desolate like that of Sodom and Gomorrah, so we poured salt on the soil and declared the land and it’s agenda noted on those marble stones desolate.

Now nearly one year later, the Lord is highlighting 300 and 300 days from Rosh Hashanah 2021 is July 3-5, 2022. You can’t make this up. I see and I decree a supernatural victory coming the the United States of America. I declare the demonic altar of the Georgia Guidestones to be made desolate and for them to be swallowed up into the earth like the sons of Korah in Numbers 16. I declare supernatural victory over the enemy in this nation, in Jesus name.

Who would have thought 300 would carry so much information for a nation?

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