Smoke Alarm

Last night I heard in my spirit “Smoke Alarm” then almost simultaneously to hearing those words I hear a smoke alarm beeping and I jolt out of bed with heart pounding. As soon as I am awake the sound stops. I thought was that in my sleep I heard the alarm or in reality. The time was 2:12am. I go back to sleep and at 2:47am I wake up again to the sound of the smoke alarm going off again. I wake up and as soon as I do, the sound stops. This time I check the whole house to see if there is something happening, all is calm, all is clear in the house. I lay back down and I know this is prophetic, so I start to ask the Lord what is He saying. Silence. I check my Ipad for any news, I check my phone for any messages, nothing. So, I go back to sleep.

I knew the smoke alarm going off was prophetic, but what did it mean I was not sure, so I start with the time, 2:12 and I look up what 212 means and the first thing I learn is, 212 degrees is the boiling point for water in which steam is released, steam so powerful it powers machines. Noted. Then I look up verses for 2:12 and consistently throughout the OT prophets 2:12 is a verse about God’s anger toward His enemies. Next it is time to check Strong’s number 212 and in the Hebrew it means wheel (Exodus 14:25) and in the Greek it means boastful. Research reveals revelation. Now I am shaking, trembling, listening with the fear of the Lord on me and the Lord says, Joel 2:1-2 (212). “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm on my holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming, surely it is near.”

Yesterday the Lord told me Song of Songs 2:12 “The time has arrived for the pruning of the vines.” I wrote my blog yesterday about the time for us to sing is now, despite what we see on the news. Now last night the Lord says, “Smoke Alarm” and it goes off at 2:12am. I believe the Lord is dealing with our enemies as we speak. I believe the smoke of God’s glory is setting off alarms in the spirit to warn God’s enemies that their time is up. The enemies of God are being dealt with and that is why He is calling us to sing, for He is chopping off their control; removing their influence; destroying their plans. This is a time of rejoicing for us, not a time to be afraid. The smoke alarm is to tell us two things, the glory of God is filling the temple, which is the people of God and the enemies of God are being consumed by the fire of God.

The alarm is going off to wake people up, but once their awake the alarm will stop. They will look for something harmful, thinking that is what the alarm is going off for, but just like I found nothing to cause fear, so will we when we wake up after hearing the alarm. Our natural response to an alarm is fear, but not all alarms are to scare us, some are to wake us up for a new day is upon us. The smoke of God’s glory is here, this my friends is why we are called to sing not fear!

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