National Jubilee Decree

Jekyll Island, GA the playground for the filthy rich from 1886 to 1942. Names such as Pulitzer, Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, and Gould just to name a few would drive their yacht’s into the Wharf in order to spend time on the island as there was no other way to access it at the time. The opulence was evident from the moment we got on the island with the horse drawn carriage, the huge cottages and the Jekyll Island Club. But we were not there for a vacation, we were sent here on a mission to abort what was conceived in this place (Psalm 64). A sinister plot that has kept nations in bondage was conceived here for America, it was location of the conception of the Federal Reserve Bank and all that is connected to it, including the IRS. A group of men gathered here in a private meeting to conceive this plot and it was put into law in the 1910. A quote on the wall by Frank Vanderclip about the plot they devised over 10 days says, “We lived during those days on Jekyll Island at the highest pitch of intellectual awareness I have ever experienced. It was entirely thrilling.” The debt system under which America has lived was conceived at this location and God said it is time for this plot to be aborted in the very location it was conceived. So we came to Jekyll Island, GA for that very purpose to declaring National Jubilee.

The first thing the Lord had us do was salt the Jekyll River (2 Kings 2:10-22); next we went on a historic tour that took us into the Rockefeller cottage (12,650 ft cottage) where there was a safe in the living room with dominoes on the floor right next to it. The Lord said this is where you make My decree of Daniel 5 (Tim Sheets sermon from 8.7.22 explains this) Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin, so I laid hands on the safe and quietly made the decree. Dominoes are falling. We then went into the Jekyll Island Club and they had two rooms one named Aldrich (for Sen. Aldrich who brought the Federal Reserve plan to the Senate) and another room called the Federal Reserve. In these adjoining rooms we aborted what was conceived in this club. The clues we were in the right place were everywhere. We then went to the gift shoppe and met Barbara and Kristina who was wican because the Catholic Church rejected her. We prayed the root of rejection be removed from her and the tears flowed freely from her eyes. We spoke prophetically over Barbara and she looked at me wide eyed, like how did you know that. We then went to Faith Chapel and met Mark the tour guide and he was explaining the Tiffany stained glass window but said they were not sure about some of the symbolism in Hebrew. I shared what it meant and he was amazed and said, “You unlocked the mystery of the Tiffany Stained Glass.” Only God!

Next we went to the Wanderer Exhibition, which was the personal yacht of Charles Lamar, but was carrying over 400 slaves from Africa to America. This was landing of the final slave ship into the USA. We stood on the beach here and declared National Jubilee and blew the shofar so the sound could reverberate over the Atlantic Ocean. The Lord then gave us one more assignment, we were to find a stone and bring it on the cruise we were going to take that night for one final prophetic act at this location. I found the rock and on the beach where the Wanderer landed and carried it with me out to sea. Once in the Atlantic with dolphins jumping around the boat, I threw that large rock into the sea declaring “Then a strong angel took up a stone like a great millstone and threw it into the sea, saying, “So will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down with violence, and will not be found any longer” (Revelation 18:21). With a splash that rock sank to the bottom of the Atlantic accompanied by this decree. When I threw it in the water, I heard in my spirit, Bye Bye Babylon! I rejoiced, thanked God and knew we finished what we came to do. Then as the boat was headed back a herd of dolphins came upon us, there must have been 20-30 of them, the captain said, we have never seen anything like this before.

The Lord is faithful to fulfill His word, that is why when we decree God’s decree and obey God’s leading Nation Jubilee is what we will see. This was a prophetic adventure of the likes I have never been on before. One island so many places to set a nation free, only God knew what we needed as a nation and now we watch for the fall of the Fed, which is only one part of the Babylonian system, but it is the money part and when you remove the money you will see many other Babylonian systems come tumbling down. As Tim Sheets says, Dominoes are going to fall!

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