T.E.D. Movement

People all over the world want a God they can see, hear and know. They want a God who will come close and help them. The challenge is most people around the world worship idols who cannot help them, hear them or speak to them. What many people miss is that idol worshippers are very religious people, they are desperate for help, they are desperate to be heard by their god. There is something in the heart of every human that causes us to search for God. Unfortunately, men have crafted idols, spoken doctrines, created denominations, or said there is no God and now people are crying out but are not experiencing the help they so desperately need. But when the living God, manifests, people will see it and know it.

The Bible is filled with stories of idol worshippers, religious Jews and even non-believing Gentiles who when they encountered the living God; Creator of heaven and earth; they had to respond. In Acts 14 there is a story of a time Paul was preaching in a city called Lystra and Paul called out for a man who was lame to get up and the man got up. This manifestation of a miracle created quite a stir in the city. Listen to the people’s response to what they saw…”When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they raised their voice, saying in the Lycaonian language, “The gods have become like men and have come down to us.” When I read this, I thought that is exactly what Jesus did, He being in the very nature of God came down and became a man (Philippians 2). Here is this city in which they have not heard of Jesus, yet when they see a miracle they declare exactly what Jesus did. Only God can put that in the heart of people, that’s why the Bible says, His law is written on our hearts. The story goes on to say, they tried to worship Paul, but that is because all they knew was idol worship.

People will know the truth when they hear it or see it, but we must disciple them in the truth that will not only set them free, but keep them free. My friends, we are about to see this happen in our day, and we are going to have to walk with them and teach them how to worship the living God. This is not going to be a say a prayer and come to church movement, it is going to be a train, equip and deploy movement.

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