Same Subject Different Day

God speaks in a variety of ways, but He is so creative He speaks in ways you understand. Therefore, the way He speaks to me may not be the same way He speaks to you, but if we are both hearing His voice, the way does not need to be the same. One way God speaks to me is through repetition. Whether its numbers, symbols, coins on the ground, scriptures, you name it He uses it. I am visual so when I see something I remember it, file it and listen for confirmation for it, before I confidently come forth and speak it. Well for over a week now, the Lord has been speaking to me about two numbers, that I did not know were related until today.

The first number was 20 and the second number was 500. Upon first glance you would not think they are related, but in Hebrew, which is a language of numbers, letters and pictures, 20 and 500 have the same meaning. Because these two numbers have come up for me in a variety of ways this week, I looked into what they mean. 20 means completion; 500 means final or what is full. In Hebrew 20 and 500 are the same number in meaning. But 500 adds the meaning to burn, blaze or to be burned.

The Lord is not changing the subject with me on the message that Babylon is burning. This is Revelation 18:8-10 “In one day, disasters will crush her then she’ll be burned by fire, because God, the Strong God who judges her, has had enough. The kings of the earth will see the smoke of her burning, and they’ll cry their lament: Doom, doom, the great city doomed! City of Babylon, strong city! In one hour it’s over, your judgment come!” This is 500. Now add the 20 (means palm and completion) where God spoke to me in Acts 21:2 where it says Paul set sail to Phoenicia (means palm or palm tree) and the Lord is showing me 20 and the Lord says to me “Completion of the Phoenician.” My friends, God has said enough to the Babylonian system that has oppressed us for more years than we know. God is declaring completion of the Phoenician and Babylon is burning. This is really good news for the nations!

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