Shhhhhh…Exposure Is Coming

Babylon is falling, this is not a hope, this is a reality and in the days and weeks ahead this will become more and more evident to the masses. People are having dreams, encounters and hearing the voice of God say this in a variety of ways through people known and unknown. Babylon is falling, Babylon is burning. Babylon is a system of control that has been ruling all seven mountains (Revelation 17:9) of society. The Bible says she sits on top of them, this system of control controls everything. It is a demonic system that many people have had to submit to in order to be in leadership roles in many places. Church, politics, business, education, arts, economy, all of it. But Babylon is falling and some people are refusing to see the signs, hear the sirens and flee, because they have invested all they are into this Babylonian system and the price they would have to pay is too high.

The crash of this system is inevitable and who are we to see it happen in our generation. This is an ancient system, that has been perpetually in operation since at least Genesis 11. Notwithstanding, the Lord has declared Babylon is falling, Babylon is burning. Now with this reality in operation, especially for the Babylonian church leaders that are about to be exposed, we as believers must guard our hearts and mouths. Some leaders will repent when it falls, others will not, but many will be exposed and that exposure will be seen by us. Names will come out, churches will close, denominations will not exist any longer, but we must guard our hearts and mouths.

Acts 23:4 describes Paul’s response to being confronted by bystanders, after cursing the high priest who commanded Paul be struck in the mouth, “Do you revile God’s high priest?” And Paul said, “I was not aware, brethren, that he was high priest; for it is written, ‘YOU SHALL NOT SPEAK EVIL OF A RULER OF YOUR PEOPLE.’” Paul knew the command of God (Exodus 22:28) and realized he was wrong to speak out. We must not speak out our opinions or our emotional responses to what we are about to see and hear. Why not? Their exposure will be embarrassing enough, we are not to rub their nose in it with our comments. Guard your heart, guard your mouth. There will be much to talk about, but we must let the exposure speak, not us for we are not the ones exposing them, God is, in the fall of Babylon. We are to thank God for setting us free from Babylon’s control, not rejoice in the fall of someone who got caught in the system that is falling. Selah!

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