He Is Watching

I took my dog (Hunter) on a walk this morning, which I do every morning, but today was a little bit different. As we headed out, there were three young deer in the grassy area across the street from the house. My dog is a dachshund, he’s not the tallest dog in the neighborhood, so he did not see them, but I did. They had a keen eye on me, but they were three babies just enjoying the morning breeze.

Then when Hunter and I returned from our walk, the same three deer were near our house, but this time in another grassy area across the street from our house. I said to Hunter, “Do you see the deer?” His ears go up and the deer begin to run. I knew the mom of these babies was not far away, but she was definetly out of sight. The dad is a 8-10 point buck, we saw him one day as well. The dad is a big man, for our little neighborhood.

Hunter and I come around the corner to go into the house and there is the mom on the side of our house, just staring at me, with her three babies eating peacefully just a few feet away in our neighbors front yard. When Hunter finally saw them for there was a direct line of sight, he lurched toward them on his leash and the four of them pranced into the woods where there is a river for them to drink from.

I share this with you, because God speaks in so many ways, today, He spoke, we are babies in this earth, but though the enemy might not see him, He is watching us very closely, making sure nothing is happening to us. It is no wonder those three babies were content eating grass with us in view, they knew their mom was near by. The same is true for us, we need to enjoy life, knowing full well, the Lord our God and Father is near by watching over us. Enjoy life my friend, your Father is watching over you.

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