Huge Wealth Transfer

There is a financial transfer of wealth of the likes I cannot even describe and it is fast approaching. The Lord sent Sharon Ward Shirley and I to Jekyll Island, GA on August 9, 2022 to declare “Babylon is fallen!” (Revelation 18). Since that day I have been listening for the echo from others who have an amplified voice and in the past few days it has been everywhere. Here are just a few of the echo’s that confirm we are living in days like no other and it will include financial changes that will bless us beyond what we could imagine. Let me know if you hear what I hear.

On August 8, 2022 Tim Sheets preached and said, “The audit is complete, you’ve been tried and found wanting, the writing is on the wall.” It was a nod to Daniel 5. Then on August 22, 2022 Wanda Alger (prophetess) sent out a word that said, “The upside down kingdom is at hand. Rewards are coming to the faithful. …Treasures from the deep are about to flow through those who have simply been obedient and steadfast in faith.” ( Then this morning, August 25, 2022, I went to walk Hunter and on the ground right outside our neighborhood is a dollar bill on the ground. I pick it up, put it in my pocket and keep walking. The Lord speaks to me and says, “Prophetic echo!” I got home flip the bill over and it has four 2’s on it. Of course it does. This for me is a nod to Daniel 2, Isaiah 2 and Isaiah 22. All speak of the wealth transfer.

I then sit down to type this blog and the IRS cancels $1.2 billion; Dutch Sheets names his Give Him 15 today, Treasure Mountain; I open Facebook to type this and my friend Clay Sikes is at Jekyll Island; then while typing my friend Amanda sends me a message and says “Student loans are being cancelled.” One thing after another after another. Think spiritually and not naturally and you will hear what the Lord is doing financially. Natural thinking will create fear, spiritual thinking will create faith, hope and joy. I am telling you, we are coming out of Babylon and coming into the Mountain of the Lord! Mark my words, I hear the echo, so I know it is true!!!

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