Looking For Followers

Reception or rejection of Jesus the Christ is not a one time event, rather it is a continual choice. Salvation has become a one time prayer you pray, not a daily relationship you have with the Savior. We are continually recieving or rejecting Jesus, whether we know we are doing it or not. One of the themes of scripture is that of obedience to the voice of God, yet the number one question Pastors receive from Chrisitians is, how do I hear the voice of God or how do I know it is God speaking? You can’t obey what you can’t hear and you can’t hear who you don’t really know.

Revival is not more church services, longer meetings, special speakers, or certain weeks of a year. Revival is about coming to life again. When you revive someone, it means to bring them back to life. Revival is you were once alive, but not you are dead, but I want you to live again. We need revival, but not so we can go to church more or longer, but because we have people who have said a prayer but are not living for God. It is not hard to persuade someone to say a prayer, but it takes time to teach someone how to live for God, hear God, obey God.

Jesus called 12 men saying, “Come follow Me!” Their first decision was to receive the invitation to come follow, but they daily had to choose to keep following. Did they get it right all the time, absolutely not, but they never stopped following. They had fear when a storm arose while in a boat; they questioned when told to cast their net on the other side; they didn’t understand when a woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet; and they did not comprehend the idea of forgiving 70 times 7. But they kept following, they kept listening, they kept learning and they were the ones Jesus said to, “And upon this rock I am going to build My ekklesia and the gates of hell will not overcome it.” (Matthew 16:18).

The question you have to ask yourself is, am I following Jesus? Not did I say a prayer, am I going to heaven? Are you, are you following Jesus? The answer to this question will be seen in what you do and what you say. It’s not about saying a prayer, it is about following the Man who rose from the dead!

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