Mystical Not Methodical

The spirit realm is not methodical, it is mystical. Embracing mystery is the beauty of walking with the Holy Spirit by faith. You can’t always figure it out; it doesn’t always make sense; it doesn’t always add up; and it rarely follows our understanding of time. No wonder living in a science driven western culture, methodology rails against walking by faith. Science and math want everything to make sense. We want concretes, we don’t want fluid blue prints. We want to know who, what, why, where and when. The spirit realm is nothing like that, no wonder we struggle to walk by faith and follow Jesus. No wonder we do our own thing and then expect God to put His stamp of approval on it. Walking by faith is walking counter culture to everything around us. It’s not easy, but it is doable and it is enjoyable.

The 12 men Jesus invited to come follow Him were working as fishermen, tax collectors, treasurers, rabbi’s in a religious system. What they knew was their job, but while working that job, they were longing for something more. When that something more invited them to come follow Him, they left everything and followed Him. This is not logical, this is mystical. It is a mystery as to how did they support their family; where were they going; what were they doing; who were they following? Those answers were not answered in the invitation, they were discovered in the journey. Faith is a journey into the unknown. Jesus said, when I return will I find faith on earth?

To walk by faith, no matter what vocation you are called into, you must be willing to embrace mystery or you will fall into complacency. Faith is submitting to the heart of Jesus Christ and trusting His leadership in your life. Following Jesus can be a mystery much of the time, but if you know the heart of the one you are following, you will never change your mind about Him, no matter what mystery He leads you into. His leadership may not be methodical, it is usually mystical, but it is always powerful and reliable!

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