Don’t Flinch

The word of God is like being on a scavenger hunt. The more you read it, the more you find that you did not know. Then if you pray the word of God, there are things the Holy Spirit will teach you, the black ink on white pages cannot speak, but the Holy Spirit can. There is a such a wealth of wisdom, truth, power, authority, grace, revelation and mystery in the word of God. No wonder the enemy keeps us so busy we do not have “time” to read the word. Oh friends, there is so much to learn, so much to hear, so much to discover in the word of God. Read it, pray it, sing it, you will find treasures in it you did not know were there.

I was praying Psalm 66 this morning and when I prayed verse 3, the Holy Spirit began to share something with me that we need to here. Listen to verse 3 “Say to God, How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You.” Now listen to what the Holy Spirit said, “When the enemy flexes, My people flinch, but the enemy has no strength, so My people have no need to flinch.” I was astounded, for the truth in this statement is so true. The enemy flexes against us all the time and if we were honest, we flinch a lot, not realizing the enemy has no strength.

The Holy Spirit said, “This is exactly what happened in 1 Samuel 17 when Goliath was taunting and ridiculing the armies of the living God. Goliath spoke and Israel flinched.” I just shook my head and said, you are absolutely correct, but then the Holy Spirit said, “When David came to the battle field, he did not flinch at the enemies flexing and the armies of Israel pursued their enemies and over took them.” The Holy Spirit concluded, “I have a David coming onto the battlefield and My people will not longer flinch when the enemy flexes.” Oh if you could have heard me shout! Church, God is about to reveal a David in our midst and we will no longer flinch, even though the enemy may flex, we are about to pursue, overtake and recover all!

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