The Three P Day of Deliverance Is Here

Today is the day of deliverance. You may not see it manifest today, but I am here to declare today is a day of deliverance. How do i know? Because today is Purim, it the beginning of the three P holidays we are about to celebrate and God is about to do wonders among us that we could not even imagine. It all starts today, the day of deliverance. You see God works on His calendar, not on ours. Did you know an asteroid the size of 145 horses is to pass earth on Purim, according to NASA as reported in the Jerusalem Post? I quote, “A massive asteroid the size of 145 Clydesdale horses is heading toward earth on Tuesday (today) according to NASA’s asteroid tracker. This asteroid’s arrival comes as most of the Jewish world celebrates Purim, a Jewish holiday that – technically – involved horses at one specific point in the story.” If you want to know what God is saying and doing, we must be on God’s calendar. Today is a day of deliverance.

The second P we will be watching is Passover, we know the story of Exodus 14 when the “angel of death” passed over the houses with the blood on the doorposts while Israel was in Egypt. We are familiar with the Red Sea opening up so the nation of multiple millions of people could pass through on dry ground. And don’t forget Pharoh and his army drowned in the same sea that delivered Israel. Can I say it again for those in the back, we are in a day of deliverance.

The third P is Pentecost. Fifty days after Passover, fifty days, that means it was a wink to a Jubilee, for the number fifty is a nod to Jubilee, which is debt cancellation, land restoration and family reconciliation. Pentecost is the outpouring of God’s spirit on all flesh, it is sons and daughters prophesying. It is a day of deliverance and celebration. My friends this three P season we just entered today, is a day of deliverance of the likes that will blow your mind. I know you can’t see it, I know the news won’t let you hear it, but that doesn’t stop the truth. The truth is going to set us free, for God has designed 2023 to be the three P day of deliverance and it starts today on Purim 2023. It is truly a time to rejoice for our salvation is here!

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