Dinner Invitation

Invitations are sent out for a variety of things, from baby showers to weddings, from parties to job offers. It is only an invitation, the choice to attend whatever the invitation is for is ours. We are not forced to respond, we can accept the invitation or deny it for a variety of reasons. We do this in the natural all the time. Sometimes we say no we can’t go to something and then we see what happened in a place where we were invited and we wish we would have cleared our schedule to attend. Other times we cannot clear our schedule, we wanted to go but something else was planned. Invitations will continue to go out and we can choose to go or not go.

There are invitations that we may want to drop everything for, but to do that we must understand the value of the invitation. Proverbs 9 has such an invitation, “Lady Wisdom has built and furnished her home; it’s supported by seven hewn timbers. The banquet meal is ready to be served: lamb roasted, wine poured out, table set with silver and flowers. Having dismissed her serving maids, Lady Wisdom goes to town, stands in a prominent place,

and invites everyone within sound of her voice: Are you confused about life, don’t know what’s going on? Come with me, oh come, have dinner with me!

Leave your impoverished confusion and live! Walk up the street to a life with meaning.” Wisdom is inviting us to come for dinner, but many have had other plans for many years and then wonder why their life is so challenging, their relationships are not working, their finances are not prospering. When wisdom invites us to dinner, we must clear our schedules and go sit at her table.

Lady Wisdom has thrown more than one dinner party and she will throw another one. If you hear the invitation to come to one of her parties, I strongly encourage you to go, it is the best meal, the best fellowship, and the best advice you will ever receive, all at the table of Lady Wisdom. The fruit of this invitation is lasting, measurable, identifiable and desirable. It takes a while to manifest, but when it does, the fragrance of wisdom in you will be smelled by those around you. Lady Wisdom will teach you things you did not know and you will not want to get up from the table. The invitation is going out again to all who can hear, I pray you clear your schedule and go sit at Lady Wisdom’s table, you will be glad you did, I know I am.

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