The Witness Gap

1 John 5:6-8 “This is the one who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth.  For there are three that testify:  the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement.”

Did you know that water, blood and Sprit are what testify to the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God? Did you know that those three witness are the same witnesses inside of you as a human being? Did you know that you are made up of 70% water, 7% blood and 7% air (spirit, breath)? Did you know that Jesus was made up of the exact same percentages when He was on the earth in the body of human being? Did you know that 777 means spiritual perfection multiplied in both power and completeness resulting in a rest found only in Jesus the Anointed One? Did you know that in your humanity, God made you perfect in Jesus the Christ?

Life has a way of focusing us on our weaknesses, our sin, our depravity, our lack, our insecurities, but God by the very design of your human body made you perfect, powerful and complete, so you can rest. This is good news, this is something only God can do. By your very design as a human, God made you a witness that Jesus is the Christ the Son of the Living God because your water, your blood and your breath/spirit testify to this truth. So, where is the gap, where is the disconnect, where is the challenge in our witness?

While in prayer and studying, the Lord revealed to me that every person has a framework in their brain that determines how they think. He invited me to consider that we as people are a witness to who God is, but the way our minds are framed is hindering our witness. You see your mental framework is determined by what you have been taught. I chose an image of framework, for this blog so you can see how the unseen is what is framing what you think and if you want to operate by design and bridge the witness gap between your design and your mental framework, you have to change the way you think.

Most people do not have a kingdom worldview or even a biblical worldview. How do I know this, because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. People speak what they think. Most people have a worldview that has been shaped by the media, the culture or religion, but not by the Word of God and definitely not by the kingdom of God. So, our challenge is not that we are not a witness, our human body, which is blood, water and spirit testify that Jesus is the Christ, it is our mental framework that is betraying our witness to the world.

As people that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, it is imperative, that we deliberately work on our mental framework. This is your building project, if you chose not to work on this issue, you will live with a witness gap. However, I will say Jesus is a Master teacher, a Master builder, and a Master constructor of mental framework, but you must submit yourself to Him and His word, with a YES in your spirit and attitude that says, Your way, Yahweh! When you allow Him to reconstruct your mental framework to a kingdom worldview, you will no longer have a witness gap and you will begin to operate by design. We are a witness by design, now we need our mental framework to align.

Deborah’s Arising

A prophetic word spoken through Elaine Tavolacci…
The past few months there has been an increase in spiritual warfare against women. The Holy Spirit brought me back to a prophetic word that I had received last year. I had a dream of a great swarm of large, brightly colored yellow and black bumble bees flying around in my room as I was reading my bible. When I woke up I first interpreted the bees as being symbolic for spiritual warfare, but after further study the Lord revealed something totally contrary to that. In the book of Judges the prophetess Deborah’s name means “Bee”. The Lord also revealed to me that honey represents revelation. This is the word that the Holy Spirit gave me for the Deborah’s who are arising.
The Lord says, I am raising up the Deborah’s who will be leaders in the days ahead. They will become My voice as they carry My prophetic word to the nations. As they release My word, it will be as honey, bringing revelation. They will be righteous judges of the land, and bring a word of morality to the nations. They will move in great authority with signs following. As they set the captives free it will bring conviction and transformation. As the days grow darker, they will bring comfort to others as they distribute the milk and deliver the honey. They will shift the atmosphere wherever they go, and as they worship, strongholds will be destroyed. They will instruct others how to walk, how to war, and how to resist temptation. They will bring direction to those who are compliant to My word and correction to those who are in rebellion. They will carry a clear stream of My river because they are not tainted by the influence of darkness. Their eyes are clear because they are not being defiled by unclean images.
These women will no longer be dishonored or rejected as leaders. They will not be silenced any more by the church or by the media because I have placed My anointing upon them, and My authority within them. Do not refuse them as they will carry a two edged sword to divide the religious traditions of man, from the truth of My word. They will bring a clear distinction of the genuine prophetic word and uncover that which is deception and counterfeit.
These Deborah’s will arise and defeat the taskmasters and those who are oppressing the body of Christ. They will always be successful in annihilating and exposing the assignments of the enemy. They will walk in a spirit of love and forgiveness and will not take offense when being confronted with opposition. You will know them by their fruit as they release My word to the nations, bring deliverance and release those who are bound says the Lord……