This Is Not A Test, This Is A Passover of the Lord

After the actual Passover took place in Exodus 12, the Lord through Moses said, I want you to celebrate this Feast of Passover every year and retell the story to your children. I never want you to forget this event. Ever since the Exodus 12 Passover, to this day, Israel and now Christians alike celebrate the Passover as a remembrance meal. But, there was a day in AD 33 when the Passover was not a remembrance Feast of Passover, but the actual Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ, was being sacrificed at this Passover in 33AD. Many believed this was just another celebration of remembrance of a past event from Exodus 12.

The church has been celebrating communion as long as I can remember, this is a version of the Passover meal remembrance that Israel celebrates. Some Christians, have even begun to celebrate an actual Passover at this time of the year. Therefore, we are not unfamiliar with this Feast of the Lord, called Passover or Feast of Unleavened Bread, which includes the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

With that said, I have heard people say, this current situation we are in is only a test. It reminded me of, “The Emergency Broadcast System which was initiated in 1963 during the Kennedy Administration, to allow the president to address the entire nation in an emergency. …The tests of the system lasted 35 or 40 seconds, with TV stations usually displaying a test pattern and announcing that the test is under way. A loud high-pitched obnoxious tone was followed by the familiar phrase “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency… .” I grew up hearing, this is a test, this is only a test.

Israel grew up hearing this is a Feast of remembrance, a feast of remembrance. Therefore, like Israel on the Passover night Jesus was actually crucified, we have come to believe we are in another test. However, may I propose to you, this is not a test, this is actually another Passover we are in right now. The Lord whispered to me this morning, THIS IS NOT A TEST, THIS IS AN ACTUAL PASSOVER”. The point of a test, training, simulation, etc. is to prepare us for when the real time is upon us. We have been practicing communion for years; we have been celebrating Passover for centuries; and we have been going to church for who knows how long. But this is not a test. We are not in a test. We are in a historical moment in history, we will tell our children’s children about. This is an actual Passover of the Lord.

We are being delivered right now as we speak, as the nations. The “Egyptians” we see today, we will never see again. This is not a test, this is not training, this is not a simulation exercise, this is the Feast of the Lord. This is a real life Passover. Read Exodus 12-14 to know where we are. Put the blood on the lentil of your doorposts. Take communion as a family. Obey your leaders for they watch over your souls (Hebrews 13:17). Righteousness is exalting the nations and God is eradicating wickedness. When we come out of our houses, once this Passover is completed, we are going to celebrate in the streets like you have never seen before and the nations, the Egyptians, everyone will know THE LORD IS GOD! It is a great day to be alive.

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