The Multi-Car Passenger Train

The church is like a multi-car passenger train. Depending on what car you are in determines what you see therefore what you say. Many people are saying many different things because of where they are located on the train called the church. We are all connected and being pulled along by the Lord Himself, remember, Jesus is the head of the body the church.

As we look out the window of the car we are in, we see things others have already seen because they are in a car in front of us or we are seeing things people are yet to see for they are in a car behind us. Car location determines what you are seeing.

What we all must do though, is listen to the voice that is coming over the loud speaker in all the cars at the same time. The voice of our conductor is Jesus the Christ, Paul the apostle says in 1 Corinthians 2 “We have the mind of Christ”, so we should all be hearing the same thing even though we may be seeing different things.

In order to remain united while the enemy is seeking to divide us, is to realize some people are seeing things you have yet to see and other people are seeing things you have already seen. This passenger train called the church is very long. But this is a description of God as well, for He was, He is and He will forever be (Hebrews 13). Humility is being able to hear someone who sees something you don’t see yet, for they are in a different car than you.

Our First Nation to watch for what God is doing is Israel. They are the blueprint nation for the nations. Isaiah 43:7 says it this way, “From the time I established the ancient nation. And let them declare to them the things that are coming and the events that are going to take place.” The Bible is crystal clear, Judah (the Jews) go first. Watch Israel, what is happening to them? They are in a car ahead of us, so see things we have yet to see. Since 1867 they have been in a process of restoration, so they are seeing restoration. WE are headed to restoration not destruction, if you can’t see it, look to Israel.

Next, knowing where we are as the church is critical, we are in Joshua 5 right now, we are at Gilgal getting a second circumcision to remove the reproach of Egypt from the last season. We are in the promised land, but most of the church is at Gilgal, that is why this is painful, for circumcision is not fun. This is why the call for repentance, it is a call to be circumcised again so we can move forward. Everyone must go through Gilgal.

I have much more to share, but will do it over time. The church is on track, we have not derailed, God has not lost control of His body, He is still the head, He is still aware of where we all are. But know you are just passing through Gilgal, this is not your final destination. How do I know, I have passed through there, it was very painful, but what comes next is learning a new way to war. Shalom, God is our conductor.

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