God Is Marching On

The timing of God’s word is always perfect. Today Psalm 149 was my prayer leader and the Lord made it crystal clear what He is doing in this day, in this hour. He also makes it clear what He wants from us as our response to what He is doing.

What is He doing?

1. He is executing judgements on His enemies. His enemies are spirits that influence humans. His enemies are demonic spirits that distort His truth which keeps people from being free. He is executing judgment on His enemies.

2. He is taking pleasure in His people.

3. He is beautifying His afflicted ones with salvation.

How are we to respond to this good news? We are to sing a new song; we are to praise the Lord; we are to dance! The Lord wants us to celebrate what He is doing for our praises are His honor which result in His glory. Don’t let anyone stop you from praising the Lord with all your being.

I don’t know what you came to do, but I came to praise the Lord.

PSALM 149 all day long is our song!!!

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