National Tent Revival

This morning I was praying Psalm 71 and verse two opened up a well of truth that turned into an open vision about the United States of America. Psalm 71:2 says, “In Your righteousness deliver me and rescue me; incline your ear to me and save me.” As I am praying this verse the Lord first shows me that righteousness is a deliverer. He then reveals to me that Jesus Christ, while on earth in the flesh, was the personification of righteousness. He looked like righteousness; He sounded like righteousness; He felt like righteousness; He tasted like righteousness; and He operated like righteousness in healing the sick and confronting the religious system. Jesus Christ is the embodiment of righteousness.  

Next, the Holy Spirit says to me, “Righteousness exalts the nation” (Proverbs 14:34). Immediately after hearing the Holy Spirit speak these words, I have a vision of a large tent (like a revival tent) laying on the ground over the whole nation. As I am speaking the words RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTS THE NATION, I see millions of people together getting under this tent called righteousness and we are all lifting it up with our hands high above our heads. I then see four tent poles on the four corners of the nation holding up this tent and one tent pole in the middle of nation holding up this tent called righteousness.  

As the people and the five tent poles lifted up this tent called righteousness, who is Jesus Christ, as we did this together, righteousness exalted the nation. I then saw this tent over the whole nation and the Holy Spirit said, “There is going to be one national tent revival.” The picture was so vivid, the imagery easily identifiable, millions of people, lifting up together righteousness over the nation. As I looked at this tent over the nation, I began to weep, for righteousness is what exalted the nation. The scene I saw was vivid and the reality of it is coming. We are going to see a national tent revival for righteousness is going to exalt the nation.  

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