It’s On The Horizon

I was in prayer yesterday and I saw on the horizon a “revival” not of show, nor circus but of substance. It was made of strong material that built people into strong human beings on the inside. It wasn’t flashy, nor dressed to impressed, but it came with the weight of God’s glory to transform people who transform culture. This move of God was generational, it was passed on to our children, grandchildren and beyond.

As I kept looking and listening a scene from Extreme Makeover Home Edition flashed in my spirit. The scene I saw was when the truck or doors are in front of the newly renovated house. When the word was given the truck moved and the doors opened and the whole neighborhood rejoiced. I see God doing extreme makeovers in peoples lives out of sight, in order to display the work He did for the neighborhood to see. There is going to be community rejoicing at the revealing.

Finally, this move of God is going to be an internal, substantive work. It’s going to build families, communities, cities and countries. We have heard the gospel of salvation, which was needed, but Jesus and the Apostles preached the gospel of the kingdom. When the sound of the kingdom is heard, Jesus will be lifted high and all men will be drawn to Him.

We are not going to learn how to do ministry, we are going to be taught how to represent Jesus and His kingdom for the kingdom of God is already within us. This move of God is coming to activate what’s already in us, so we can be the kingdom on earth to those around us. We are about to get a corporate extreme home makeover, for we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

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