No One Like Him

Standing before Him, looking at self through the eyes of self knowing the verdict is guilty as charged. Who knows the self better than the one who is that self. A Holy, undefiled, sinless God, whose purity is piercing and whose truth cannot be denied. Here we stand face to face, it’s no wonder Moses thought He would die after seeing Him. His power to convict, to condemn, to criticize is all justified and right. Then in a moment instead of bringing charges He releases a pardon; in the place of a prison He creates a path into His heart. Who is this God, who is this Jesus? With the power to sentence unto death He speaks life abundantly. The closer we come to Him the more honor, respect, gratitude and awe we have for Him. He shocks us with His embrace, He penetrates us with His shining face. He is God and there is no one like Him, this is why we are invited to keep saying yes to Him!

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