Have you ever heard the enemy mocking you, saying, I thought you said,God said? Have your external realities ever contradicted your internal promises God has given you? Have you ever wondered, how long O Lord, how long? These are usually not publicly spoken thoughts but very real to those who had them, and this is why the book of Psalms is a great prayer partner. Truth spoken is freedom revealed, truth prayed is freedom sealed.

When we pray the word, we partner with those who have experienced the same or similar realities to us and the word prophesies to us. In Psalm 137 the psalmist is remembering captivity in Babylon and being mocked by their captors. But the answer to the mocking was to remember the promise, sing the promise, and cherish the promise. For them the promise was Jerusalem for us it’s something different but equally valuable.

Sing the songs of the Lord my friends, sing. Singing lifts our spirits, renews our minds and motivates our feet to keep going. Songs are musical movement that keeps us alive, no matter what it looks like around us. Even if the enemy mocks you, sing, sing, sing it is your salvation!

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