Healing the Land

In a little town called Pawhuska, OK some really big things happened. In the 1920’s the Osage Tribe struck oil on land they owned. Big money oil, it made the Native Americans very very rich. Where there’s big money there’s problems and this place was no different as men came and murdered the Osage people, over 60 of them for the money. You can find details in the book called Flower Moon Murders.

Well today the Lord sent us down there to set fire to the root of the injustice, to ask for forgiveness and to cleanse the land of this thief spirit that literally came to steal, kill and destroy.

There is another big thing in this little city who goes by the name Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. She has been featured on the Food Network and has a restaurant called the Merchantile here, but at 11am the wait was 3 hours, so we went to the Grill 125. The reason she is a big deal is because of her fame, but for us it was because when we opened the ancient gates on the Old Road at the Madonna’s of the trail, she is also called The Pioneer Woman.

Today was the capstone to a years worth of prophetic adventures and as Bev said, “The Lord has brought us full circle!” We left there satisfied that our mission was accomplished and God Himself is going to be glorified in this nation, from the First People to the current people. To God Be the glory great things He has planned for the nations.

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