Ambitious or Obedient

Are you ambitious or obedient?

Do you trust God for the outcome, the income or both?

Ambition produces increase of money and opportunities.

Obedience produces intimacy, authority and abundance internally.

When we prioritize ambition we receive temporal satisfaction, but when we prioritize obedience we receive enduring satisfaction.

Obedience to God produces in us things money can’t buy.

Obedience produces health and enduring wealth.

Don’t be envious of those who are ambitious, rather model your life after those who are obedient.

The obedient trust God for the outcome and the income.

The obedient have joy, peace, patience and prosperity.

Obedience takes longer to manifest than ambition, but that’s because obedience builds within and then comes out.

The obedient are about to manifest!

Psalm 146:5 “How blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God.”

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