Counterfeit vs. Authentic

The devil is a copy cat not a creator. Anything you see the enemy doing, it is only a perverted, twisted, misaligned copy of God’s original. Recognizing the counterfeit can be challenging, if you do not know what the original looks like, sounds like, acts like. When I was 19 years old and unsure of what I was supposed to do with my life, I took a 9 month course in banking. One of the things I learned was to study the authentic bills, for if we had a strong eye for the authentic bills we would spot a counterfeit instantly, because our eyes were trained in the original, authentic bills. The same principle is true for us as believers, we are called to be studiers of the truth, the authentic, the real, the Word of God, the nature of God, the character of God, the ways of God, not the counterfeit. The challenge is most believers can tell you what is happening on the news but are uninformed about what is happening in the kingdom. When you are trained in the counterfeit you are easily deceived, but when you have a singleness of eye for the authentic the counterfeit is easy to spot.

For example, there has been a huge thrust in the church about knowing our identity in Christ, therefore, it should not surprise us the enemy has a counterfeit narrative in culture about identity. Transgenderism is an identity issue, homosexuality is an identity issue, it is the enemy creating a counterfeit identity as God is establishing authentic identity. Ezekiel 43 gives us another example, “I heard Him speaking to me from the temple, while a man stood beside me. And He said to me, Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the children of Israel forever.” The authentic is God has a temple and He sits on a throne in that temple to dwell among His people. What does the enemy do, he creates a counterfeit temple and puts an idol inside it, so he can dwell among the people. Copy cat, counterfeit. The devil cannot create anything, he can only copy.

Now to today, we have a banking crisis on our hands, people are going to become more and more fearful as this unfolds, but let me tell you the truth, it is a counterfeit financial system that is falling, not the authentic, or kingdom financial system. If you can see it as counterfeit you will not fear its fall but quietly celebrate it, knowing God is dealing with the counterfeits so people can see the original financial design He has for us. We are living in the days of Babylon falling and the kingdom rising, it is a great, historic day to be alive. Rejoice for your redemption is drawing near.

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