Watch April

Watch April! This is what the Lord said in August 2022, now we have entered April and we have entered it with some activity. Just after midnight here in the Tennessee area the tornadic activity was palatable for those who heard the sirens going off, felt the wind blowing, and were talking to one another on social media. However, in the words of the newscaster that @marcellamitchell was watching at 1am, it looked like a tornado was going to touchdown in the Spring Hill, Columbia, TN area, then the lady said, “Well, it’s dissipating!” Marcella said, she said this right when it was going over Columbia, TN. It took up again but never landed in our area.

I woke up this morning to messages from friends who were awake, asking if I heard the sirens, was I awake, all the questions as we take care of each other here, but me, I slept through the whole thing. I got up to walk the dogs this morning and there was no sign of any storm, not even rain on the ground, so I was like what storm, what sirens? But the fact that it happened within an hour of April 1st beginning, I knew it was a Watch April moment to remember.

The other thing about to today is that the alphabet community was planning a “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally in DC for today, but this rally has been canceled due to the school shooting in Nashville that happened at Covenant School. Watch April! What is being planned is being cancelled, this is not coincidental, this is important for us to Watch April.

We have entered the month in which Palm Sunday is the 2nd; Passover is on the 5th; Good Friday is on the 7th; Resurrection Day/Easter is on the 9th; just to name a few holidays in which the nations will be celebrating, remembering and enjoying Jesus the Christ, Yeshua the Messiah, Yahweh the Almighty. Watch April my friends, I have a sense we are going to see a lot of God activity starting this month.

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