You Are Powerful

Apostolic builders and prophetic narrative shifters arise now! This is what the Lord spoke to me about in prayer this morning. We as believers in Jesus Christ have been given authority over the earth realm. Therefore, what we speak is established. The narrative we speak is the narrative that operates in the nations. If we want to see righteousness exalt the nations, we must change our narrative as the voices of authority in the land. Our words are very powerful. When “prophets” prophesy the news we establish the narrative of the news, but when Prophets, prophesy what the kingdom of God is saying, we establish the on earth as it is in heaven reality.

We have been dumbed down to believe we do not have power, we do not have authority, we do not have access to make any real changes, that is not true. We have been told we don’t mean very much to the meta narrative, that is not true. The narrative is established based on what believers are saying. If we echo the news, we establish the news; if we echo the word of God, we establish the words of God. My friends, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit on earth, you carry power, you carry authority, your words establish narratives in the earth.

On Saturday night the prophetic voice that was speaking said she learned in quantum physics that the speed of light is a law of creation, light moves very quickly, but then she said, but darkness does not move at all. Darkness is stationary, light is movement. Therefore, the light overcomes the darkness because the darkness does not move, it settles in, but does not move. The only reason the darkness increases is because light has not penetrated it. Our words are light, they are life and they move with great speed. If we want to see darkness decrease, we must shine our light for it has great speed and overcomes darkness, which is stationary.

Apostolic builders arise and shine! Prophetic narrative shifters arise and speak! It is time for the body of Christ to stop talking about the stationary darkness and to speak so the speed of light which is the words of God coming out of you can overcome the darkness. You are powerful, speak!!!

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