Burning Off The Fog

Late last night after a formal event at our church, a group of 10 girls packed into two cars and headed on a 2 hour drive down to Smith Lake in Alabama. It’s a trip that has been planned for over a month now. Last night it was so dark that even as we stood on the dock, we couldn’t see anything other than the water. Then this morning after a short night sleep, I went back down to the dock, and began to pray. The fog was dense, sitting on top of the lake. As I walk the dock, and began to pray, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and said, “the sun burns off the fog, and so does the fire of God burn off the fog of war, so the people of God can see clearly what the kingdom of God is doing“.

Immediately, after hearing what the Holy Spirit said, a song came into my heart, and I began to sing, pray fire and wind. Come and do it again, open up the gates, let heaven on in, come rest on us. As I continue to pray, sing this song, I could see the wind gently blowing the fog away, and the sun burning it away. The Lord began to reveal to me that we are a sight and sound people. What we hear affects how we see and how we see affects what we hear. When we cannot see the kingdom of God, because of the fog of war, we need the son of God, who is the fire of God to burn off the fog of war, so that we can see the kingdom of God.

We do not want to create a theology based on the fog of war, for Revelation 1 says this is the revelation of Jesus Christ. The book of Revelations is not a book about beasts, woes, seals, dragons, or any other mystical, parabolic creature. It is a book about the revelation of Jesus Christ and his manifestation throughout history. We have been living in the fog of war, and it is very easy to mess with the kingdom of God is doing because when the fog descends, it’s hard to see. But when the son of God, who is the fire of God burns off the fog of war you see the kingdom of God, and you begin to sing just like I did, I can see clearly now the fog is gone. And what you will find on the other side of the fog of war is bright, blue skies and beautiful landscape.

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