The Days of Demarcation

We are living the days of demarcation. I know culturally it looks like the days of blurred lines, melting pot of ideas, no boundaries, a tolerating of all things, but that is because we are living the days of demarcation. There is a demarcation that is becoming more and more clear between light and darkness, old wineskin and new wineskin, male and female. These are the day demarcation. When Jesus came to earth and was baptized by John that was a demarcation time, for even John said, I baptize with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matthew 3). Moving from water baptism, repentance of sins, to fire baptism, empowerment for the kingdom life was a major demarcation which has greater depths to it than we even understand.

In these days of demarcation, the deeds of the enemy are evident. Why do you think there has been an acceleration of the agenda of the enemy? It is because it has to be crystal clear the demarcation between light and darkness, so people can choose where they want to stand. Solomon says it this way in Proverbs 4, “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn,

that shines brighter and brighter until the full day. The way of the wicked is like darkness; They do not know over what they stumble.” Days of demarcation. We see it everywhere, people who are pursuing the kingdom of God are speaking light light and more light; the main stream media, social media are speaking darkness, darkness and more darkness. We are living in the days of demarcation.

Now, the question is, will you choose light or darkness? It is an individual choice that has to be made, no one can make it for you. The demarcation is so obvious that there is no longer a fence to sit on as you ponder which way to go. The days of demarcation are for the day of decision, who are you going to be? A child of the day or a child of the night? The dark will get darker, the light will get brighter, so the demarcation will be increasing. However, many are aching for those in darkness, because they see that we are in the day of demarcation and yet the invitation to come into the light is always extended, but only you can choose where you want to dwell.

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