Powerful Combination

My favorite sport to watch and my favorite sport to play is American football. When I was child growing up in Minneapolis, MN, I would play football in the street with the boys almost every day. We used the curbs as our out of bounds and trees as our first down markers. I was quarterback much of the time and the boys on my team would run routes that led to touchdowns. Oh the fun we had on those streets in North Minneapolis.

Being in Kansas City, one cannot escape the reality of the Kansas City Chiefs and their presence in this place. From grocery stores with Chiefs gear to signs that proudly display the arrowhead logo. Then today when I walked into the kitchen at my friends house, on the counter was a KC Star newspaper from when the Chiefs won the Super Bowl again last January. I grabbed the paper and immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the power of the right combination. You see, Andy Reid was a great coach when he led the Philadelphia Eagles before coming to Kansas City and Patrick Mahones was a great quarterback when he played college ball in Texas, but when these two men met in Kansas City, it has proven to be a combination tha produces the highest results. Then add Travis Kelce the best tight end in the league and these three are a triple threat. They were all good individually but they are champions together.

Many of us have been told one person can change the world, but that is just not true, we love the power of one, but God loves the power of us. We value independence, but God values teamwork. We value the self-made millionaire, but God values the village. Solomon even said in Ecclessiastes 4:9 “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor.” My friends, The days of the one man show are out the door, it is the day of the team, the community, the us, the village, the we. God is putting together combinations of people for a powerful move of God of likes we can’t even imagine. It’s not about you, it is about us and we are going to overcome, we are going to arise and shine, we are going to be victorious.

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