Resisting Rabshakeh

The voice of Rabshakeh mocks the people of God telling them it’s foolish to put their trust in God, to obey God to believe God can deliver them from the hand of an enemy king. If you’ve ever heard the voice of God Invite you to follow Him, obey Him, trust Him by stepping out in faith, you have also had an encounter with the voice of Rabshakeh.

When God speaks what He says comes to pass, but to get to the reality of the word God spoke, to see it’s manifestation we have to resist the voice of Rabshakeh. It’s only a voice, it’s only words, all words remain only words until we add our faith to the words. Words materialize when faith is attached to them. Remember faith is the substance (Hebrews 11). If you don’t attach your faith, belief, trust to words they will not materialize, for faith adds substance. Therefore every word that materializes is because someone added their faith to it.

We can resist the voice of Rabshakeh by not believing what that spirit says. In Isaiah 36, the voice of Rabshakeh mocked the watchmen on the wall of Judah, telling them they were being deceived, they were never going to be defeated, they were being misled, and that Yahweh would not deliver them from his hand. How did they resist the voice, they remained silent, they didn’t believe a word the voice of Rabshakeh said and we can do the same. Resist the voice of Rabshakeh and heed the voice of God.

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