A Strange Voice

A Strange Voice

John 10:5 “A stranger they simply will not follow, but will flee from him, because they do not know the voice of strangers.”  

A stranger’s voice I will not follow was my decree this morning as the enemy spoke to me in a dream yesterday, it was a pleasant dream, but it was a dream in which the voice of a stranger was speaking and it took me all day to realize it. The voice of a stranger is not the voice of God henceforth, why Jesus said, about His sheep, a stranger’s voice they will not follow. It does not say we will not hear a stranger’s voice; it says we will not follow it.  

I heard the voice of a stranger in this dream, but did not realize it was a stranger’s voice until the day went on and that voice continued to seek to lead me down a path that would have taken me off of the path the Lord is leading me on. How do I know it was a stranger’s voice, because it eroded my peace, created in me negative emotions and assaulted the character and nature of God to me. It was seeking to get me to do in the flesh what God has said He will do by His spirit. A stranger’s voice I will not follow.  

The enemy wants to get us to follow a stranger’s voice, for a stranger’s voice will take us away from the voice of the good Shepherd, Jesus the Christ and His plan for our lives. The stranger’s voice will seek to inject its poison into our relationship with God and with others. The stranger’s voice wants to erode our fellowship with God and other people. A stranger’s voice I will not follow. We are all subject to the voice of a stranger, it comes subtly, stealthily and substantially. It sounds like a logical idea, in many ways it makes sense, but it is the voice of a stranger and we must learn to discern this voice and not follow it, for it will lead us to a place we never wanted to go.  

I hope my experience with the voice of the stranger yesterday, unlocks for you some understanding as to what may be happening to you and gives you tools on how to recognize and resist the voice of the stranger. A stranger’s voice we will not follow, for our God is faithful, our God is trustworthy and our God is the only voice we are going to follow!  

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