Purim 2021

Today is Purim, the day we remember the deliverance of the Jews from their enemy who at that time’s name was Haaman. This story of intrigue, strategy, divine reversals and deliverance can be found in the book of Esther. It is not a major holiday on the Hebrew calendar, like one of the feasts such as Passover, Pentecost or Tabernacles, but it is a significant holiday for it is a reminder of God as a deliverer of nations.

As our nation is still awaiting deliverance from many injustices that have been levied against it in the recent past and present reality, we as the church are called to be like Esther. She was not emotional she was strategic; she was not impatient she was stealthy; she was not aggressive she was wise. There are many lessons the church can learn from Esther as it came to delivering a nation from an evil ruler within.

The story of Purim is powerful in many ways, and if you read it as though you don’t know the outcome, you can really enter into the story line and it could be a Hollywood blockbuster if done in 007 fashion. But like any good action movie, it ends with the enemy being defeated and the people experiencing victory. The victory was so great the people rejoiced loudly and longly.

On this Purim 2021, remember the God who delivered the Jews from that wicked Haaman, is the same God who will deliver my nation, your nation from that wicked ______________. Today, the Lord had me declare global jubilee for the nations and invited me to open the ancient gates of the earth so the King of Glory can come in (Psalm 24). I am not going to let this day in history just be a memory, I am asking for it to be another reality for the nations of the earth.

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