Your Steps Can Be Ordered

I never cease to be amazed at how the Lord wants to do life with us. He loves the idea of being with us every step of our day. While in Nashville, my friend and I said over and over again how we noticed the Lord was ordering our steps in perfect timing. From traffic to places; from places to people. Every day we walked right into God’s perfect timing with ease.

It is easy to walk in the footsteps of the Lord, but it takes awareness of His presence and acknowledging He is there. He doesn’t want us stressing, striving or struggling, so He orders our steps and then delights in us as we walk in them.

I walked my dog when I got back to Kansas City last night and as soon as I got to my driveway my neighbor pulled up and rolled down his window wanting to speak with me. I proceeded to the drivers side window and this older gentleman talked about his dog for a minute, then spoke about his wife who died suddenly in August 2020. I shared my condolences, but as he kept talking about how the grief comes like waves and some don’t leave, tears came down his 70 plus year old face. I let him share before he headed to his house just steps from mine.

No matter where you are, the harvest is ripe and the Lord is wanting to order our steps for people need light, love and words of life. I pray you start noticing the Lord is ordering your steps in small doors and large double doors. It’s really all about loving God and loving people.

One thought on “Your Steps Can Be Ordered

  1. Really lovely Lisa.

    He’s holding our hand, leading, guiding and positioning us – His sons and daughters – to apply the balm of His Love where and when it is needed to a hurting, God-starved world. Right now. Right where we are.


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