Completing a four day three night prophetic adventure was wonderful, but tiring. I got home last night and slept in my bed and thought I will get a night off to sleep now that this prophetic adventure is over. Nope, I had a dream last night and after doing the research on the word I was reminded of all night long, I can see this prophetic adventure is having an after party today.

In the dream a good friend of mine and I were laughing, hugging, playing, enjoying seeing each other after a time of not seeing each other. This friend, and I then saw this car which was really nice, so I said, to her in the dream, pose by the side where the name of the car is. As she bent over at the waist to pose two others got in the picture with her and I saw the word on the car VELAR. I snapped the picture and then the others in the photo got in the front of the car, which looked like the bow of a boat and my friend and I watched it drive away. End of dream.

Though the dream ended all night long in all caps the word VELAR was ringing in my spirit, it was being spelled out to me in my sleep so I would not forget it. If I wasn’t so tired I would have woke up wrote it down and went back to sleep, but since I didn’t it kept going over and over again inside of me so I did not forget it. I wake up, with the word first thing on my mind and I look it up and it is a car, a Range Rover Velar, I love Range Rovers, so that was fun, but did not feel prophetic. I continue to search and the definition of the word is: of relating to a velum (a rim of tissue around the margin on the BELL of certain cnidarians – jelly fish); Latin for curtain or veil; has to do with the tongue and certain sounds; soft palate – roof of the mouth; places of articulation.

Velar – veil, sound, bell! You can’t make this up. Mark 15:37-38 says, “And Jesus uttered a loud CRY (sound, tone) and breathed His last. And the veil (curtain) of the Temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” This is VELAR! It is the voice, the veil and the bell, remember the priests had bells on their robe when they went behind the veil. The Lord said, “The sound of the bell is the voice that goes behind the veil. My friends, our voices are going behind the veil like the sound of a bell and God is answering our prayers. Lift up your voice, cry aloud, let the Lord hear your hearts cry for He is answering us right now! VELAR…its a veil, its a sound, its a bell!!!

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