Passover 2023

The Church calls this week, “Holy Week” and they call the night Jesus was crucified, “Good Friday”, therefore, every year it has to be on a Friday that we celebrate “Good Friday” and it has to be a Sunday when we celebrate “Resurrection Day”. This is how the Gentiles celebrate “Holy Week”.

The Jewish people follow a Hebrew, not Gregorian calendar and they celebrate Passover on the the 14th of Abib, which this year is today, April 5, 2023. It is never celebrated on the same day of the week, but it is always celebrated on the same day of the Hebrew month. The Jews call this week, starting today, “The Feast of Unleavened Bread”, during this feast week, they celebrate the Passover and they do not eat anything leavened for one week.

On this day, in which the true Passover Lamb was killed per the Lord’s instructions to Moses in Exodus 12, we celebrate the death of Jesus Christ, who was and forever will be the Passover Lamb who took away the sins of the world, once and for all, so there is no longer a need for an animal (lamb) to be sacrificed for our sins. Hebrews 6:1 says, “Having put away once for all the beginning word of the Messiah (the first testament in animal blood, i.e., the Mosaic economy), let us be carried along to that which is complete (the New Testament in Jesus’ blood).”

Today we put the blood of Jesus over the doorposts of our life by taking communion, remembering what Jesus did for us and giving thanks that we have a Passover Lamb that we get to celebrate everyday of the year, whether its the 14th of Abib with the Jews, Good Friday with the church or every Sunday with or church community. Let the Feast of the Lord begin!

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