Humility Demonstrates Authority

It is a warm Saturday morning here in Middle Tennessee. After a whole day of rain yesterday, the breaking up of the clouds, the slight sight of blue skies and the sound of birds singing is a welcome sight this morning. I was coming through the gate back into the community I walk through and the branches on the tree are low, the rain drops still on them, so I bend my head down to get under them without too much water descending on me. As I am about to walk through the branches with my head bowed, the Lord says, “Head down, lead with the crown.” It was so clear, I could not deny what I heard. My first response was to repeat what I just heard, for it came with presence of God. “Head down, lead with the crown.”

Finishing up my walk I am thinking of this phrase the Lord has just spoken to me and it triggers a memory from 2018 when the Lord spoke to me and said, “Head down, keep going.” I knew that word in 2018 was a call to perseverance, but this word, five years later is coming with a different message. As I though literally about the words, “Head down, lead with the crown” brought the realization that when I went through the wet branches with the crown of my head, my face was covered, so I would not get hit by the low hanging branches. As I continued to meditate on the final steps of my walk, I knew I needed to look into this more when I got in the house.

My first stop was Hebrew word lessons, to know what crown means, “There are two distinct Biblical Hebrew words for crown: atarah (part of a royal ensemble, coming from the root meaning circular and surrounding) and nezer (part of a priestly ensemble, associated with nazarite concept of separation and dedication).” Priest and king, of course it does, two crowns, one King, Jesus of the order of Melchizedek, king of Salem, priest of God. Therefore the crown Has to do with authority. Now back to what God said, “Head down, lead with the crown.” I believe the Lord is telling us, humility is the way to lead with authority. In the kingdom those who lead with humility are those who have kingdom authority. My friends, there is so much in this phrase God spoke moments ago, but for now, let us be those who walk in humility so we can demonstrate authority.

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