Generational Gestation

The Lord spoke to me the words this morning, “Generational Gestation.” Being a mom, I realize I should know what gestation means, but the definition escaped me as the Lord spoke these words. Gestation means, “A bearing or carrying; exercise by being carried.” As I read these definitions the Lord spoke to me again and said, “A generation is in gestation.” I realize on Mother’s Day this word can feel like it belongs in the category of pregnancy, but I sensed from the Lord this has more to do with truth that it is Israel’s 75th anniversary as a nation.

The Bible is clear that 70 years is a generation. This means that Israel, the nation that was born in a day, has been living in their own land, again, for a generation. Since Israel has been and continues to be the blueprint for what God does in the earth, the words Generational Gestation makes more sense now. I believe the Lord is carrying a generation through a transition of the likes we do not even fully understand. I see the arms of God carrying the generation, not the gender, on the earth right now in His arms, to safely bring us through this transition period we are in.

In Luke 1 an angel visits Mary, who is not married and has done nothing to become pregnant and she is told she is going to give birth to a son. The story continues to speak about Elizabeth, the aunt of Mary, and says, she is past child bearing age, but she is six months pregnant. Then it says in verse 37, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” A generation that is being carried by the hands of God is coming out of bondage and being brought into freedom. We are living in a time of generational gestation and God is carrying a whole generation again, just like He did for Israel in 1948 and in their being carried through the Red Sea and across the Jordan River. He is the same God, yesterday, today and forever.

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