Mount Hermon

In prayer this morning the Lord gave me an open vision of a mountain and coming off of the mountain was a cascading waterfall. I looked at the mountain and the waterfall and the Lord spoke to me and said, “My presence is the apex of the mountain and my oracles are cascading out of my mouth like this waterfall.” The presence of God was so thick in my room, tears fell down my face as I heard in my spirit, “It is like the dew of Hermon

Coming down upon the mountains of Zion; For there the LORD commanded the blessing—life forever.” (Psalm 133:3)

The phrase the presence of God is the apex of the mountain is still ringing in my spirit, the tears are still in my eyes, and the Lord begins to speak to me about His presence and how it is directly connected to His oracles. Hermon in the Hebrew means sanctuary or dwelling place of God. When we dwell in the presence of God in worship with our church community or at home in our personal prayer time, when the presence of God comes it is enveloping, consuming, overwhelming. The presence of God is not something you experience and then can jump out of when the song ends or the worship leader says thanks for singing with us. In the presence of God it is timeless, so you cannot quickly transition.

As we dwell in the presence of God, we are located under the cascading words of God and those words wash over us, get inside of us and then deeply penetrate our innermost being. Once we are absorbed by the cascading oracles of God which come from the mountain of th presence of God, we begin to have living waters flowing out of us (John 4). God pours living words in us then we have living words coming out of us. The Lord is inviting us into the presence of God which is the apex of the mountain of the Lord. Once you experience Him, nothing else compares in value and everything changes for you. What we need is the presence of God.

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