Your 2.0

I recently was brought to a large house on a high hill. The gates to the house had scripture versus on the pillars, but the iron gates had been removed, the driveway was bumpy and the landscaping had not been done in years. Yet we get to the top of the hill and here sits a three story house with a rooftop terrace. The view is unobstructed in 360 degrees. Oh if these walls could talk. I was invited all the way up to the roof of this house and I thought this would be an ideal place to pray for our city. I can only imagine the sunbathing that was done up here or the parties that were had for the view was truly breathtaking. But neglect got the best of this property and place. I may never know the why behind what I saw, but what I do know is I love houses and even if they are neglected I can see the former glory they had.

Houses are a lot like people. We are created in the image of God, beautiful upon birth, placed with in us is passion, purpose, destiny, calling, dreams, desires. God made us in His glory and for His glory. I can almost see Him smiling in sheer delight as He was forming us in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139). We used to be alive with laughter, smiles and even some tears, but they were only temporary for we had things to learn, people to see and places to go. The view of our life was breathtaking, but somewhere, somehow the enemy who is a thief and a robber, shut down our dreamer, closed up our heart and wounded our soul. In this we began to neglect our hearts, our passions, our dreams, our desires. Somewhere along the way we stopped tending to the garden of our heart. Then before we realized it, the signs of neglect began to show. We did not like what we saw, but the fire on the altar of our heart grew dim and we lost our childlike wonder.

My friends, the greatest gift God gives us is the ability to change. We are not stuck, we feel stuck, but we are not stuck. We were created for transformation, we were made for mobility, we have the Creator of everything living inside of us. Even if it is a tear that falls as you read this, that is the sign of life in you. No matter how neglected your life feels, God sees the glory He created you for and in. Whisper a prayer that says, help. You’re still breathing, you’re still alive and there is still hope that God can turn it all around, whatever it is. Don’t give up, rather open up your mouth and pray, its the first step to seeing everything change. Trust me, 2.0 is a great version of you.

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