Relational Equity

I took my son to get his haircut yesterday and while driving to the barber shop, we received a video from our housemate. Hunter, our dog, ran out the door and stopped the garage that was shutting by jetting out the garage into the grassy area in front of the house. My housemate kindly put down her things and tried to lure him back in the house, but despite rolling on his back when she called his name, as soon as she got close he jumped up and ran away. The neighbor across the street unsuccessfully tried to call him as well, but to no avail. Hunter was not coming to either one of these wonderful women who were trying to get him back into the air conditioned house on a hot and humid day here in Nashville.

Later that night, Hunter was seeking scraps from our housemate as she was eating her dinner. I said, “Hunter, you can’t expect her to give you food, when you have no relational equity with her. She tried to get you back in the house and you ran from her, now you want her to share with you some of her dinner, it’s not going to happen.” We all laughed, but I have been thinking about how many of us in the church do this. We have no relational equity with people yet we want something from them.

Relational equity is time spent with someone getting to know who they are for them not for what they can do for you. Relational equity is what you give to a relationship. If you spend no time with God, but only want something from God, there is a chance you might not get what you are looking for. Now our God is very generous, He is kind to us all, but there are only certain things that come out of relational equity. This not only applies to God, but to people. If we have little to no relational equity with people, we should not expect to have intimacy with that person or expect to be invited somewhere with them. We can long to have the fun their having, but it takes relational equity when no one is looking to experience public celebration when everyone is watching. Relational equity unlocks many things with God and with others. Invest in your relationships, you’ll be glad you did.

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