Decree and Watch Them Flee

Feelings, emotions are energy in motion. Negative emotions are negative energy in motion, this is why negative emotions are time wasters. Think about it for a minute, what good came out of negative emotions? Did they produce anything of value for you? Now think about what did those negative emotions take from you? Negative emotions are theives and robbers and we must stop them at the gate, so they cannot enter our minds, our homes, our churches, our regions, our nations.

Declarations are words we have been given as weapons to stop the enemy called negative emotions at the gate. Whether we woke up with these feelings of negativity, or circumstances created them as we went through our day. When you find them arising in you or even around you, find a declaration in the word of God and decree what you want to see. Use the authority God has given you to decree, not waste time letting negative emotions rule you. For just like negative emotions, decrees change the atmosphere for our words are powerful.

Here is one decree I have used and I encourage you to add to your arsenal of decrees, so when the enemy called negative emotions arises, you can shoot it down with a decree. Decree Judges 5:21 “O my soul, march on with strength!” It may take you saying it more than once, but I promise you, your decree will change you and the atmosphere in which you stand. “O my soul, march on with strength!” Deborah decreed it, Israel decreed it, and we can decree it, no matter what caused those negative emotions to arise. Don’t give in to them, decree “My soul, is marching on with strength!” Decree and watch them flee.

Deborah! Esther!

The Lord has had me praying various places in the word of God, for He said, “there are many prayers people in the Bible prayed that are needed today.” I was in Judges 5 today and the Lord spoke to me about the war at the gate, but the warriors and commanders are without weapons. The scripture goes on to say, the way to get weapons in the hands of the warriors is to sing.

Then this afternoon, I was listening to an audio book on Declarations by Jane Harmon and she brought up Queen Esther. When she was speaking, the Lord said to me, He is needing the Esther’s to arise and ask! The church is always personified as a female in scripture, so when God says, Esther’s arise and ask; Deborah’s awake and sing! It is not a call to women only, it is a call to the church of Jesus Christ.

I declare to the church, you are a Deborah, AWAKE AND SING; you are an Esther, ARISE AND ASK! It is time for all timidity, insecurity, uncertainty to break off of the body of Christ and for the church to AWAKE, SING, ARISE, ASK, for the Lord is waiting for us to partner with Him to defeat once and for all this enemy that is at the gate. He has already declared the victory, now we must apprehend it with the confidence of Deborah and Esther.

Prophetic Sign?

On Friday, Dutch Sheets in His Give Him 15 broadcast recounted Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word he had given in Tennessee the previous weekend. Then on Friday night in Florida Dutch was speaking at the ROAR conference and he shared the prophetic word again that included the date October 18th. Dutch reinterred October 18th was Monday, today. As Dutch was sharing Chuck’s word he said, “The plug is being pulled…”. The Holy Spirit reminded me of a dream I had in light of this word. Here is my dream…

In 2016 I had a dream that I was in an Old Navy store down on the Plaza in Kansas City, MO with my parents. I went to pay for a red sweater I found in the clearance section and while at the register to pay, I saw an antique circuit fall to the off position and the lights went out in the store. I headed outside to see if the lights went out in any other store, but once outside I crossed the street and to my left was a cemetery and I heard them playing the song Taps. End of dream.

I told my dream to Camber Cleland Otto and Autumn Darden and a couple days later on a Sunday morning our church had an unexpected and unexplainable power outage. They could not get the power back on so my Pastor opened a side door to let daylight in and preached with a flashlight. Any there that day will remember it. Camber was sitting a couple rows behind me and tapped my shoulder, Lisa it’s your dream. I have sat on this dream for five years, so for the Holy Spirit to remind me of it was interesting in light of Chuck Pierce’s Word, pulling the plug on the circuit and then recircuitting.

The reason I share this is because Colin Powell, a 4 star General died today October 18th, henceforth the song Taps in my dream after the lights went out. Just some puzzle pieces to ponder. Chuck Pierce said when the circuit was pulled out on October 18 a new circuit would be established and it would recircuit America. Is this 4 star General’s death a prophetic sign?

Making A New Covenant

Nehemiah said it best in chapter 9…

“For our kings, our leaders, our priests and our fathers have not kept Your law Or paid attention to Your commandments and Your admonitions with which You have admonished them. But they, in their own kingdom, With Your great goodness which You gave them, With the broad and rich land which You set before them, Did not serve You or turn from their evil deeds. Behold, we are slaves today, And as to the land which You gave to our fathers to eat of its fruit and its bounty, Behold, we are slaves in it. Its abundant produce is for the kings Whom You have set over us because of our sins; They also rule over our bodies And over our cattle as they please,

So we are in great distress.”

But there is an army of intercessors around the world praying and God is answering with great compassion on us, out of His faithfulness so we join those in Nehemiah’s day and say…

“Now because of all this We are making an agreement in writing; And on the sealed document are the names of our leaders, our Levites and our priests.”

We are making a new covenant with God, saying we will follow you, where you go we go, what you say we say. It always starts with the leaders, this day, we say a new covenant with God is being made!

Fresh and Familiar Winds Blowing

There is a window of opportunity that has opened for some and will open for many more. When this window opens a breeze will come in with two streams, one stream will be a fresh wind the other stream will be a familiar wind. As these two wind streams come in through the window of opportunity that is opening you are going to have a choice to make. Will you ride the wings of the familiar wind stream? Or will you lean in to the fresh wind stream? Both winds are blowing at this time through this window of opportunity that has opened. The wind you choose will determine whether you advance into the new thing God is doing or you go back to where you just came out of; or are just coming out of.

The Lord is always faithful to give us a choice, he will never force us to choose the fresh even though he knows that is His choice for us. The option of the familiar must be presented because rewards come from decisions that we make. Some of you have already sensed the winds of familiar blowing and you are resisting them knowing that the fresh wind is in the atmosphere and you can smell it. There are many characteristics of the familiar wind that are easily recognizable; but the fresh wind is blowing as well and though the path is unclear, you will know it is a fresh wind because the air you breathe will cause your dreams to soar.

I have chosen the fresh wind, I’m leaning in and though there are strong head winds blowing against my choice, I will not go back to the familiar, forward march I go.

Justice Is Coming As Healing

I sense the answer to the bloods voice that’s crying out from the earth for all the injustices that have been done against it. I sense the bloods voice crying out for justice, will manifest in every kind of healing, for sickness is an injustice in our bodies and just like the land, we are earth made people and we are crying out as well.

With both the land and people crying out for justice from the sickness, the spirit of infirmity, the broken covenants, and every other injustice that has brought pain to the land into our lives, the Lord hears our prayers and is answering us. He is going to release a manifestation of healing in the heights and in the depths, in the streets and in the sanctuary‘s healing is going to manifest everywhere in a variety of ways. He’s going to heal hurts, he’s going to heal bodies, he’s going to heal relationships, he’s going to heal finances, he’s going to heal brokenness, he’s going to heal companies, he’s going to heal educational systems, he’s going to heal cultures, he’s going to heal nations.

As I was praying with the book of Nehemiah this morning this is what I heard, this is what I saw, this is what I prayed for, and this I know is going to happen. Get ready for the manifestation of healing is going to completely change everything about us, our nation, our world. Remember Matthew 24 and all of the evidence that it speaks of are called birth pains. That means God is about to birth healing in the land. And every birth brings great rejoicing, people are about to smile again, laugh again, enjoy one another again.

What Not Where

A good friend of mine said to me the other day, “You sowed here in Missouri and you are now reaping there in Tennessee.” His words were brought back to me this morning, while in prayer. The Lord reminded me of what he said, then the Lord added, “I never said WHERE you sow, you shall reap, I said, WHAT you sow you shall reap.” The Lord said it To me again, “I never said WHERE you sow you shall reap, I said, WHAT you sow you shall reap.” I never realized how many times I believed I was supposed to reap where I sowed until the Lord corrected this in me moments ago.

Maybe you have sowed much time, money, worship, prayer, energy, whatever in one place but that field is not producing, it is not because the field is not fertile, nor is it because the seed is bad, it is because God never said, “WHERE” you sow you shall reap, He said, “WHAT” you sow you shall reap. I know I have missed many a chance to give thanks for a harvest because I did not reap it in the place I sowed. In like fashion, I have complained about many a field, because it did not produce a harvest from the seeds I sowed there. I stand corrected today.

I am so thankful for my friend Michael Collins, who reminded me of all I sowed while I was in Missouri and now how much I am reaping already since being here In Tennessee. I will never make the mistake again of expecting to reap where I sow, nor will I ever cease to expect to reap what I sow. I pray this small tweak God did in me this morning is a tweak that will bless you as well, for it seems so small, but it has major implications, for it is harvest time, but not necessarily in the place you have been sowing. Eyes wide open, for the harvest is ripe!

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be decieved, God cannot be mocked, whatsoever a man sows he shall reap in return.”

Simply Amazing

The God of the Bible, the God of heaven and earth, the God who created everything is by far the only God worthy of worship, worthy of praise, worthy of glory, worthy of honor, worthy of following all the days of my life. I was reading Daniel 2 this morning, and the Holy Spirit highlighted verses 26-28 which say, “The king said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, “Are you able to make known to me the dream which I have seen and its interpretation?” Daniel answered before the king and said, “As for the mystery about which the king has inquired, neither wise men, conjurers, magicians nor diviners are able to declare it to the king. However, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries, and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will take place in the latter days. This was your dream and the visions in your mind while on your bed.” Now this may not mean much to you just as a reading, but the Holy Spirit took me into the story and revealed God to me again.

Yahweh, gave a prophetic dream to a Babylonian king in a language the king could not interpret, his magicians nor his conjurers could not interpret, but a Jewish man in his court could interpret. A Babylonian king needed this Jewish man named Daniel to decode the prophetic dream the God of heaven gave to him. Amazing. Simply amazing. God is so creative, so fearless, so confident in who he has placed where for what purpose. Daniel was an exile brought to Babylon, he went through three years of being trained in the language and literature of the Chaldeans and now is serving a Babylonian king. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water. Then Daniel’s God, Yahweh, gives the king of Babylon a prophetic dream about future events.

My friends, you may not understand what is happening in your natural circumstances, you may not know why you are where you are, but I am telling you, there is a God in heaven who knows exactly what He is doing, why He called you to where you are and He knows exactly what He is going to do with you. Fear not, fret not, complain not, for Yahweh is God and He still gives prophetic dreams to foreign kings of which only His people can interpret. Who knows if you were put in that place for such a time as this?

Go Back

Go Back 10.11.2021

When we hear the words “go back”, it can give us the sense that we are not moving forward, that we are backing up, that we are missing out on something, but biblically the words “go back” have a totally different meaning. To go back biblically means to persevere, they are faith words, they speak of the willingness to not quit, for one knows what they heard. It can be seen as a relentless pursuit.

In a culture that wants instant answers, the idea of going back sounds uneventful, unfulfilling and lacking adventure or even mundane. But God never asks us to do something, unless there is a greater fulfilment available. The call to go back can be for the developing of much needed character qualities that will benefit us when we see fulfilled that which we went back for.

In 1 Kings 18, we find a story in which Elijah has seen the fire of God fall on the evening sacrifice; the people called Israel declaring, Yahweh is God, Yahweh is God; the prophets of Baal being seized and slayed; now Elijah and his servant are on top of Mount Carmel. The reason they are on top of this mountain is because in the first verse of 1 Kings 18, before the fire of God fell, before the people declared Yahweh is God, before it all, the Lord spoke to Elijah and said, “Go show yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the face of the earth.” This is significant, because there has been a drought in the land for three years. Not three days, not three weeks, not three months, three years.

Elijah is still carrying this word from God, that when he shows himself to Ahab, God will send rain on the face of the earth. Elijah goes up to the top of Mount Carmel, for 1 Kings 18:41 says, “Elijah said to Ahab, go up, eat and drink; for there is the sound of the roar of a heavy shower.” Amazing, Ahab, the king of Israel is told to go do a prophetic act, which is to eat and drink, for Elijah heard in the spirit the sound of the roar of a heavy shower. There has not been rain for three years, there is no evidence of rain in the forecast or in the sky, the nation is experiencing a famine, yet Elijah knows what God told him and he knows what he heard.

While on Mount Carmel, Elijah gets into a posture of prayer, for he has a prophetic word, but he knows it will not be birthed without prayer. Then he says to his servant “Go up now, look toward the sea. He went up and looked and said, there is nothing” (1 Kings 18:43). Elijah commanded his servant to go back, the servant came back and said, there is nothing. Elijah said it again, go back, the servant came back, there is nothing. Go back, came back, go back, came back, six times they did this with the same command and the same report, nothing.

Do you have a prophetic word, you know was God speaking, so you have been praying, waiting, praying, looking, but the report keeps coming back to you over and over again, nothing? You know what God said, you know what you saw in the spirit, you know what you heard, but nothing. No sign of this word coming to pass, no evidence of what God said at all. Nothing, absolutely, nothing. Elijah knows what that feels like. He’s in the same situation, but he says to his servant for the seventh time, go back. This time the servant returns with a different report, “It came about at the seventh time, that he said, Behold, a cloud as small as a man’s hand is coming up from the sea” (1 Kings 18:44). A different report, a small manifestation, one visible evidence of the prophetic word was all Elijah needed to see and everything was about to change.

Perseverance is difficult, it takes time, it takes patience, it takes trusting that what God said, is going to come to pass, no matter how many times the report comes back, nothing. Elijah refused to doubt what God said, so he kept sending his servant to go back and look again. God did not change what He was saying, so Elijah did not change what he was doing. He kept praying, until the report came back of a manifestation of what God said, size did not matter, manifestation is what Elijah was looking for. Once the report changed, the command changed. Elijah now said, “Go up, say to Ahab, prepare your chariot and go down, so that the heavy shower does not stop you” (1 Kings 18:44). Once the manifestation happened, it was now time for everything to change. Sounds like Amos 9:13 “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree. Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills.”

It is tempting to quit going back to look again when the report does not change. It is frustrating, when you know you heard God, but you are not seeing what you heard. Disappointment fatigue sets in; impatience knocks at the door and says, why don’t you quit; the enemy wants you to give up on what God said, but something inside of you won’t relent, for you know it was God who said it and God does not lie (Numbers 23:19). Back again you go to look for the answer. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Six times, nothing.

God is so amazing, six is the number of men, six times means we come to the end of our strength, our faith, our ability, our whatever, six times we go back and come back with the same report, nothing. Many quit at some point during the six, the number of men, but seven, oh the number seven, that is the number of God. On the seventh time, when God steps in, when God says, now, it is on the seventh time, that the manifestation is there. It may be small, but it is visible, for it is God.

God doesn’t speak to entertain us, He speaks to create, to establish, to decree something that is going to last forever. Psalm 148 says, “Let them praise the name of the Lord, for at his command they were created, and he established them for ever and ever— he issued a decree that will never pass away.” God did not dangle a carrot in front of you to get you to follow Him, if He said it, He is going to have it come to pass, but many times we have to come to the end of ourselves, then we step into the manifestation. We wonder why does it have to be this way? There is no simple answer to this question, but one reason is because if it was God’s idea, which is why God spoke it, then God is the one who gets the glory for it, not us. God is not punishing us by making us wait, making us go back, He is preparing us to carry the glory that is coming with the manifestation of what He spoke.
On the seventh time there was a manifestation, a change of the command, and then “In a little while the sky grew black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy shower” (1 Kings 18:45). God told Elijah, 44 verses earlier and many situations before, that He was going to send rain on the earth, and if God said it, He was going to do it. It did not just rain, this was not some light sprinkle, this was a heavy shower. It was such a torrential downpour, that Ahab was told to high tail it and run so the rain did not stop him. When God manifests what He said He was going to do, the whole earth is going to see it, hear it, feel it.

I do not know how many times you have had to go back only to have the report be, nothing. If you are wanting a child and you find out your womb still has nothing; if you are wanting a healing and the report still comes back, nothing; if you are needing finances, but the bank balance is still nothing; if your child has walked away from God and the report you are getting is, nothing; if your marriage is screaming at you, nothing; go back again, keep going back, don’t stop going back. If God gave you a promise, if God spoke a word to you, go back, for there is the sound of the roar of a heavy shower!

Life Is Good

Today the state of Tennessee is having a statewide day of fasting, prayer and humility as we seek Gods heart, voice and will for our state as we move forward in the days ahead. I am so thankful to Autumn for posting this, to our Governor Mr. Lee for agreeing to this and to my Apostolic leader Dustin for speaking truth every week to our congregation. Kiley, Autumn’s husband bought me a coffee cup this weekend that said, Life Is Good and he said, I thought this sums up how you feel being here in Tennessee. He is absolutely correct. This family we live with, these people we are surrounded by and this state’s leadership all make life really good in this place. Deuteronomy 28 says, I set before you this day death and life, choose life. God is life and He is the best choice I ever made and I keep making. What a great day for Tennessee to engage in prayer, humility and fasting.