The Reveal To Heal

I was in prayer this morning and the Lord began to speak to me saying, “I reveal in order to heal, not to shame, condemn or expose.” This word came with strength, not force, it came with a stamp of truth that He wants us to understand, because so often we fear the reveal, not knowing it is happening in order to heal. The Lord wants to reveal things to us about us so we can be healed, but how often do we blame someone else, rather than look at ourselves? It is easier to point the finger than it is to look inside ourselves a little deeper.

I believe we are in a time of revealing, God is revealing to us things in us He wants to heal, for if we are not healed, we will perpetuate patterns internally even when things changes externally. The Lord is revealing many things, but many cannot see what He is revealing, because they don’t realize He is doing it as a sign of massive healing. If we resist the reveal, we will never heal. This is personal, communal, regional, national and international. No one is being left out of the reveal God is doing right now, but many are resisting.

We resist the truth because we don’t realize the truth is not being revealed to condemn, shame or embarrass us, but to heal us as individuals, as families, as communities and as countries. Remember, God is Light and there is no darkness in Him at all. He see’s everything, He knows everything and He is revealing things that are dark to us, by bringing them into the Light for Light heals that is why it reveals.

God is revealing things in our generation about the nations we did not know. Many are resisting the truth that is coming out because they don’t realize God is doing this not to condemn our nation, but to heal our land. This is an earth wide reveal, in order for a healing of the likes we have never known before. Our job is not to point fingers and get angry at what is revealed, but rejoice in the reveal knowing that it is to heal. God is healing the nations and it is seen in what He is revealing. I invite to see the reveal as evidence of the God who has come to heal.

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